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West Hartford Parenting Mediation AttorneyGoing through a divorce can be a devastating time in an individual’s life which can get even worse if you have children from your marriage. It is the main reason most parents who wish to make decisions regarding their divorce proceedings with their child’s best interest in mind choose mediation over a traditional divorce. Mediation is an alternative form of divorce that uses a third-party professional who helps you work out several aspects of your separation, like parenting plans and property division. Since mediators are professionals who help separating couples reach common ground through compromise and cooperation, the process is much less contentious than a traditional divorce. When you work with a West Hartford parenting mediation attorney, the procedure can be much easier on everyone involved, especially the kids.

What Issues Are Addressed In Mediation, And How Should You Prepare For It?

One of the most critical things you and your ex must agree about during the mediation process is a parenting plan. A parenting plan is vital for your child’s future since it will act as a road map to guide how you and your spouse will care for the kids after your divorce.

Some key components a West Hartford family law attorney will focus on when creating a parenting plan are determining the living arrangements of the child and the details of their health care and education, such as who will be their primary healthcare provider and what school they will attend.

It would help if you were prepared before you contact a West Hartford parenting mediation attorney and start creating a parenting plan. Below are a few steps you must take to prepare yourself for creating an ideal parenting plan for your kids:

Listing Your Concerns

If you are stressed about your ex-spouse’s capacity to parent or have severe problems like alcoholism or addiction, you must write them down and get ready to discuss them with your West Hartford parenting mediation attorney. If your concerns are very severe, mediation might not be your best choice.

Your Child’s Daily Routine

Write your child’s daily schedule beforehand. It will help you determine the best way to create an ideal parenting plan that’s least disruptive to their current lifestyle.

Essential Documents

You must provide all necessary documents like medical records, school attendance, and any other document which can be helpful during mediation.

Try To Be Reasonable

You must always come to mediation with a willingness to compromise and an open mind. If there are specific issues you need more time to budge on, write them down and discuss them with your West Hartford parenting mediation attorney.

When coming up with a parenting plan, you must be as thorough as possible. We also suggest you consider anything that may affect your children’s overall well-being. Mediation can provide a path that helps create a smooth and meaningful relationship with both parents moving forward.

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All decisions made in a traditional divorce may have severe repercussions on you and your kids for the rest of your lives. If you are planning on getting a divorce in West Hartford, you need to seek guidance from a West Hartford parenting mediation attorney who understands all local laws and statutes.

All our attorneys from CT Mediation Center have years of training and professional experience in helping separate couples develop the best parenting plan for their child’s future. With our professional guidance, you and your partner can ensure your children can easily adjust after you separate. Call CT Mediation Center today to schedule your consultation at the earliest.