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Windsor Collaborative Divorce AttorneyCollaborative divorce is a well-known alternative to the adversarial nature of divorces, requiring both spouses to enter into the process of their own free will. Both you and your ex can hire their personal Windsor collaborative divorce lawyer, who must also commit to helping you reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Since neither party can use their attorney to advance their position in court, the overall environment in a collaborative divorce case is one of settlement and negotiation.

When a couple agrees to a collaborative divorce, they commit or resolve all their issues cooperatively and respectfully, avoiding courtroom trials and other adversarial proceedings. All couples who decide to get a collaborative divorce must voluntarily offer complete, honest disclosure to their partner. Any negotiated settlement will be made based on the assumption that both parties have provided information truthfully and in good faith. To start the process, your Windsor collaborative divorce lawyer will meet you in person to better understand your goals for the case, then guide you through the process. Once your divorce process is complete, they will draft an agreement signed by both parties.

How Is It Any Different Than A Regular Divorce?

The nature of a typical divorce case is designed to be adversarial. However, if you and your spouse are hoping to end your relationship on somewhat peaceful terms, without the intervention of a court or any angry cross-examinations, a collaborative divorce is an ideal choice for you. A collaborative divorce can help minimize any hard feelings or emotions often a part of contested litigation. You will not have to fight to gain an advantage over your ex. Instead, the process of a collaborative divorce works by helping couples find solutions they can both live with.
You can hire professionals, including accountants and appraisers, just like in a regular divorce case. However, these professionals act as neutral third parties in a collaborative divorce case. They are not there to help one party or the other win but only offer their expert information.

Does Collaborative Divorce Help Reach Better Results Than a Regular Divorce?

A collaborative divorce tends to lessen contention since it requires both parties to consider their needs, their kids’ needs, and their spouse’s needs. Since conflict can often be traumatizing for kids, a collaborative divorce case can help you improve your communication techniques. Ideally, collaborative divorce is also cheaper than litigation and helps generate quicker results.
Your overall chances of success in a collaborative divorce case can significantly increase when you hire a professional Windsor collaborative divorce lawyer with the required collaborative family law training and some on-filed experience implementing that training. When you select a collaborative divorce attorney from CT Mediation Center, you will witness guided negotiations at managing conflict and reap better long-lasting results.

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