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Glastonbury Custody Arbitration LawyerMany divorcing couples are encouraged to try mediation to reach common grounds outside the courtroom. However, mediation is not always the right choice since some issues just can’t be decided without a professional judge or another legal figure making an official ruling. This is where a Glastonbury custody arbitration lawyer comes into the frame. Divorce arbitration is a process in which you and your ex mutually hire a neutral third party who hears both sides of your case and makes a final decision. Many couples are driven to this option since it’s much faster and cheaper than going to court.

Divorce Arbitration: How Does It Work?

In the arbitration process, both parties must submit their disputes to a neutral arbitrator who will serve as an informal judge. The arbitrator must hear both sides of the case in a private hearing and make a decision.

Arbitration allows you to prepare formal arguments for your case. This is where a Glastonbury custody arbitration lawyer will come in handy. They can help you lay out all the relevant facts that support your claim and help present any other evidence they believe could be relevant to your case. The arbitrator will consider these arguments and evidence when making the final decision.

Remember, an arbitrator will only pass judgment on issues you and your ex-spouse agree to discuss during the arbitration. For instance, if you file arbitration for child custody, your arbitrator cannot pass a ruling over property division.

Top Reasons To Work With A Professional Arbitration Lawyer

Check out why you should work with a professional Glastonbury custody arbitration lawyer.

The Final Decision Will Affect Your Rights

It would help if you had a professional Glastonbury custody arbitration lawyer because it is a process that will affect your legal rights. Moreover, in most cases, you will not get a second chance or the option to appeal if you don’t like the outcome. In such cases, having an industry expert on your side is always best.

Your Case Can Be Hard To Plead

Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to present their case compellingly without having some legal expertise. It’s especially true if a law applies to your case, like an employment claim involving age, race, or national origin discrimination. A professional Glastonbury divorce arbitration attorney can help you create an argument backed by the law and supported facts.

You Wish To Achieve Favorable Terms

Finally, it would help if you remembered that working with a professional lawyer will positively affect the final outcome and your life afterward. If you are not worrying about reaching a potentially harmful outcome, you may also go into arbitration without an attorney. However, if the outcome significantly impacts your life, such as whether you get to keep your child’s custody, we recommend you consult with a professional attorney beforehand.

Arbitration allows better opportunities for each individual to be heard. These conversations will be done privately and handled outside the typical courtrooms generally open to the public. The only information that will be available publicly after arbitration is the final decision registered with the court. If you have any more questions or concerns related to divorce arbitration, feel free to contact CT Mediation Center immediately!

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If you or someone you know is considering arbitrating your divorce agreement or any other family law issue, you must consult with our professional Glastonbury custody arbitration lawyers! Our professionals can help review your case and determine if arbitration suits you. Moreover, we have years of experience assisting couples to find common grounds using arbitration, making us more than capable of handling your case efficiently and responsibly. Call us at 860-986-1141 to find out more about the process today!