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Glastonbury Divorce Mediation LawyerNavigating a divorce or legal separation can be very difficult and challenging. It entails not one but multiple moving parts that are required to reach an adequate resolution between both parties. Divorce can be tough for you, your children, and your overall family system. Choosing a less acrimonious, cost-efficient, and time-effective process can be the best solution given your specific family needs. In the state of Connecticut, other than doing your own divorce, you have three options: mediation, collaboration, or litigation. At CT Mediation Center, a highly qualified, neutral, third-party divorce mediator can assist you in obtaining a peaceful divorce without attending exhausting court hearings and accumulating unnecessary large legal bills. Divorces are not “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” style so we recommend you contact our Glastonbury divorce mediation lawyer who can focus on your specific needs and provide you with comprehensive advice to end your marriage with dignity and fully address the entire process of divorce from the filing of documents to the divorce being granted by the Courts.

Why Choose Mediation?

While divorce and separation cases can be highly sensitive, costly, and challenging to resolve; mediation opens the door for a non-adversarial approach. Couples who genuinely wish to remain fair, save money, and want to avoid emotional tensions are excellent candidates for mediation. It allows both active participating spouses to work amicably with a family law attorney who has over 18 years of extensive training in mediation, collaborative techniques, and knowledge about the laws governing your Connecticut divorce process.

In mediation, all divorce matters including the needs of your children and/ or finances are handled professionally with high-level confidentiality and privacy. Guiding families through this money and time-saving process has proven to be extremely effective in reaching successful resolutions, allowing both parties greater control over the outcome of their divorce while maintaining your family’s integrity and preserving your assets.

Similarly, the Collaborative divorce process provides yet another path to reach “the good divorce” where the divorcing parties manage their own timelines and agreements outside of the court systems. Each spouse hires a collaboratively trained attorney, and the parties agree not to go to court or litigate the divorce. Collaborative style divorce is typically for those spouses who can be constructive and open to adhering to his/her own attorney’s guidance and expertise versus needing to be ordered by a judge. Speak with a qualified and compassionate Glastonbury mediation lawyer, or mediation attorneys to see if the mediation process or collaboration is suitable for your situation.

If you are interested in proceeding with mediation to complete your divorce, here are the benefits this arrangement might offer:

  • Affordability
  • Time-saving
  • Confidentiality
  • Avoid litigation and Stay out of the Courts
  • Fosters cooperation
  • Improves communication
  • Identifies underlying issues
  • Provides greater control over the outcome
  • Formulates proper parental rights
  • Considers the needs of children
  • Re-balances the possible power imbalances between spouses
  • Offers significant financial savings
  • Helps avoid emotional tensions

Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation is very different from litigation. It allows both parties to work as a team along with a mediation attorney and other specialists to obtain clarity on all aspects of the divorce. During the mediation session, the attorney mediators run various examples and scenarios in order to enable spouses to fully understand the pros and cons of various options. The privacy advantages are unmatched, and the aim is to fully understand your options and reach a mutually beneficial outcome. On the other hand, in the litigation processes, couples communicate only through attorneys, there is an incredible amount of pressure and stress, and often the testimony one may be compelled to undertake becomes public record.

Issues Addressed During Mediation

The services of a certified and skilled Glastonbury divorce mediation lawyer ensure that all items that need to be addressed are addressed in the mediation process. There will not be a need for retaining separate lawyers to draft agreements, contracts, or legal documents. The entire process, from the filing of the divorce to the final court approval of the divorce is done through one office. At any time a spouse needs independent legal advice, the spouse can do so throughout the process. Mediation is a voluntary process that helps resolve all issues stemming from the dissolution. Numerous families come to mediation AFTER starting a traditional divorce with separate attorneys. We hear over and over from such families, that they wished that they had started and finished mediation with a trained attorney mediator. Some, however, not all items resolved in mediation may include:

Issues concerning financial aspects –

  • Budget guidance
  • Child support
  • Alimony & spousal support
  • Child’s educational expenses
  • Child’s extracurricular activities
  • Estate planning
  • Personal property division
  • Different insurance premiums
  • Non-reimbursable medical expenses
  • Retirement asset division
  • Business interest division
  • Debts division and assignment
  • Taxes
  • Expenses for pets

Issues specifically concerning your children – 

  • Counseling needs
  • Visitation time
  • Daycare, school, college/ university decisions
  • Religious upbringing
  • Child Care
  • Health care
  • Traveling
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Vacation/ holiday schedules
  • Introducing the new significant other and more

How Long Does Mediation Take?

Generally speaking, most cases resolve within 6 months, or 5- 6 sessions, each session typically lasting two hours. However, depending on your unique circumstances, the exact timeline can vary. For a better understanding, here is what a successful mediation involves:

  • Initial consultation to assess the readiness for mediation
  • Prep work to commence the process
  • Working out parental, financial, and legal terms
  • Ensure all needs align with realistic priorities
  • Draft and finalize the agreement
  • Have all paperwork reviewed by external counsel (optional)
  • Officially file for the divorce

For More Information, Please Contact Our Glastonbury Divorce Mediation and Divorce Attorneys

At CT Mediation Center, we have provided couples residing in Connecticut with divorce mediation services over the past 18 years. Our Glastonbury divorce mediation lawyers encourage and direct divorcing spouses to have constructive conversations and help the family move forward by creating and generating resolution options. We help all our clients navigate through this challenging transition in a cost-efficient and amicable process.

If you are in a similar situation, we can assist you with the process needed to reach a fair, honest, and legally-binding divorce agreement without going to court. Make the best decision for yourself and embark upon a new journey with the ease and confidence you deserve. Request a consultation with us today or call us for more information.