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Glastonbury Family Law AttorneyDivorce is a complicated subject. For many people, the process is long and difficult and requires a significant amount of time and money. Unfortunately, lots of families believe that this kind of process is required when getting divorced. Luckily, that is far from the case. Mediation is a wonderful option for many couples and families undergoing a divorce. This method allows couples to discuss asset division, child custody, child support, spousal support agreements, and other divorce matters with a Glastonbury family law attorney rather than in court. Avoiding litigation saves time, money, and often contention.

This method involves much more open discussion and compromise, which can be a great first step for your changing family structure.

What Is The Difference Between A Family Law Attorney And A Divorce Attorney?

Divorce is a subcategory of family law. Therefore, divorce attorneys are simply more specific in their practice area. They are often found in litigation scenarios.

A family law attorney, on the other hand, deals with a myriad of topics surrounding divorce and family structure. For example, a family law attorney can help in situations where child support and child custody need to be discussed. Obviously, not every divorcing couple has minor or dependent children, so these kinds of discussions are not inherent in divorce proceedings.

Overall, a family law attorney covers more topics than a divorce attorney does.

What Kind Of Cases Do Family Lawyers Handle?

As mentioned, family lawyers cover several kinds of family-related cases. These include:

  • Child custody and support
  • Divorce
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Spousal support agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Property division

Having a family lawyer on your side ensures that you have access to legal expertise no matter the topic. Remember, divorce can be complicated, and you will often have to negotiate more than just the terms of the end of your marriage.

What Does A Family Attorney Do?

The exact tasks that your Glastonbury family law attorney will execute vary from situation to situation. If you are seeking litigation, a family attorney can help with a variety of arguments in court. If you are seeking meditation, a family law attorney from our firm can help with the entirety of the process.

The Mediation Process

Many divorcing couples do not know how mediation can help them. This is often because litigation is the only option that their divorce attorney can offer them. What’s more, litigation is the more popular divorce option, making many couples feel that they must go down that route.

In reality, mediation can help almost any couple traverse a divorce if they are willing to talk openly and honestly about their needs and desires during the separation. Mediation is about compromising and finding a system that works for both individuals rather than having a judge decide what will occur.

As your Glastonbury family law attorney, our firm will do the following to mediate your divorce:

  • Meet with you and your spouse at the same time and facilitate an open and communicative discussion about what you each want in terms of child support, child custody, and asset division.
  • Inform you and your spouse about the legal parameters and requirements surrounding your situation.
  • Help you to come to a compromise and create the necessary paperwork for your divorce, child support, child custody, and spousal support agreements.
  • Refer you to the correct third parties for things like property valuations, appraisals, etc.

After your mediation process is finished, we will refer you to a personal attorney who can review the terms of the mediation and ensure that your best interests are accurately covered.

Child Custody And Support Agreements

It is important to be prepared for the fact that child support and child custody negotiations are often the most emotionally difficult part of a divorce. Usually, both parents deeply love their children and want to remain an active part of their lives.

Mediation can help make negotiating child custody a bit less contentious. In litigation, attorneys will often try to convince the judge that their client is better suited to take care of the children than the other parent is.

In mediation, no such attacks are necessary. Both parents can state their desires, and the mediating family law attorney can help to create a system that works for both individuals and prioritizes the health and happiness of the children. Often, parents feel more at ease after mediation agreements than they do after litigation. Taking part in the process of negotiations gives parents a deeper understanding and respect of the agreements, and they are often more satisfied with the arrangement.

Using Your Family Law Attorney To Build Respect

Because family law attorneys have a wide range of knowledge, you are able to build a lasting relationship with your attorney. This is essential. Divorce has lasting ramifications for your family, and it is possible that questions or modifications will occur in the future. Having a family law attorney who you trust can help to make any future changes easier to navigate; a lot of the stress of modifications comes with finding representation. If you have someone on hand who knows your situation, the process can be smoother overall.

Mediation and competent family law attorneys can help to preserve respect between you and your ex-spouse as well. As mentioned, litigation can get ugly. Co-parenting after a difficult court case can be strained and awkward. Mediation can help to preserve respect between ex-spouses and help you proceed into your new separate lives with less anger and resentment. This often makes co-parenting easier.

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