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Glastonbury Custody Mediation AttorneyOne of the biggest concerns for all parents going through a divorce is what the future of their children will look like and how to navigate the complexities of sharing or obtaining custody. One of the most crucial things for successfully navigating this process is to bring in an expert on the process as soon as possible. Another crucial element of navigating child custody arrangements is to get both parties to talk about the future of the child, first and foremost. These things together mean that engaging a mediator early in the process can significantly improve outcomes.

Why You Should Contact a Glastonbury Custody Mediation Attorney for Collaborative Mediation

Even though a marriage is ending, it does not mean that both parties cannot work together to give their child the best opportunities and future. In collaborative mediation, a third party, usually an attorney or a psychologist, works with both parents to collectively come to an agreement about what is in the best interest of the child frequently without entering court. In collaborative mediation, both parents agree not to withhold any information that would be relevant to the future of the child, and this informs the plan, and this common base of information is used to work out visitation, payments, and arrangements regarding school.

A neutral mediator can provide a huge opportunity in these discussions. In litigation, both parties are necessarily set against one another. However, a mediator provides a third party to whom both parents can explain themselves without feeling the need to argue or prove their case. This can allow the other parent to hear the simple facts that will go on to construct the future of their child’s life. This can smooth over misunderstandings that would arise in litigation and cause needless loss of time and thus unnecessary cost.

Collaborative mediation allows both parents to move forward, acknowledging each other as being invested in their child’s life, and can significantly minimize the strife and sadness that the child and parents experience in the transition to a new life.

How Do You Make a Solid Childcare Plan?

As you enter into making plans for your child, your mediator can help you work through how to ensure that your child is comfortable, that responsibility is shared equitably and practically, and where your child will be at all times. It is important that a child knows where they are going to be throughout the school year, and that there is a sense of reliability in their day-to-day and this can be achieved by coming to decisions about things as simple as where your child’s shoes will rest at night, where they will spend the holidays, and who will be picking them up and how often.

By working together with the guidance of our mediators, they can also figure out how to provide healthcare and supervision, and who will make such large decisions for the child. Having these agreements set down at the beginning of the process can help all parties to have a sense of solidity that will help to assuage feelings of doubt and reinforce both parties’ mutual commitment to the child.

What Does a Parent Do In Case of Contention?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible in every case that both parties are willing to find a way forward in all cases. If this is the case, our mediation process and the agreements produced by our family law attorneys can establish a working foundation upon which to build. Our attorney mediators work to establish safety options that are available if one party leaves mediation. If one or more parties choose to leave mediation and engage in litigation, it is frequently the case that time spent in mediation narrows the focus of any difficulties, which can save both parties time and money that would otherwise have been spent on the same agreements that were built in mediation, but at a much lower cost.

Even in cases where there is a high level of custody conflict, where there is anger and distrust, where the child is used against the parents, or where just talking about the care of the child becomes a point of contention, mediation can help. If both parties are invested in prioritizing their child, mediation can be a successful process that avoids the extreme difficulty of a litigated child custody process.

If a child custody case goes to litigation, it can be extremely emotionally devastating for the cold and the family. Both parents would need to hire their own attorney, and a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed by the judge for the child to represent their best interests. The Guardian Ad Litem grows to know the child and the parents and investigates the state of the family so that they can make recommendations. The Guardian Ad Litem interviews each of the parents individually and anyone in the child’s life, from doctors and teachers to coaches and tutors, in order to make certain that they have done their diligence. Following this, the Guardian Ad Litem makes recommendations on custody, and ultimately, the judge rules on these matters. This process is invasive, exhausting, and expensive.

In the case of a successful mediation, none of that is necessary.

Get A Glastonbury Custody Mediation Attorney To Ensure Your Child’s Future Is What It Should Be

By reaching out to our attorneys, you are taking the most important first step that you can to create a plan that will work for your children in the long run. Promptly engaging in mediation can spare you and your child deeply unnecessary invasive questioning, cost, and emotional hardship that can come from litigation. At the same time, you can preserve what investment in your child that your partner has, avoid unnecessary bitterness on their part, and ensure that you have the most productive parenting arrangement that you are capable of having, whatever that turns out to be. Get the experienced advice of a Glastonbury child custody attorney.

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