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New Haven Custody Mediation AttorneyChild custody is the most critical issue in a divorce case. Even if both parties wish to collaborate and find a solution that protects their kids from harm and work on each other’s scheduling needs, specific issues may complicate the process and result in heated arguments or litigation. If you and your ex wish to work together in harmony to create a customized parenting plan without involving the court, you can save a lot of time and money. By choosing mediation, you can also safeguard your kids from a dispiriting court battle. Mediation can help reduce your overall legal fees and the cost of getting a divorce in New Haven. In this article, our New Haven custody mediation attorney has listed a few essential points that can help you prepare for a child custody mediation case.

Try To Find Out How The Process Works

The better you understand how mediation works – especially what’s expected from your end and in what timeframe, the better you will position yourself to set expectations. For instance, will your attorney be with you during the process? Can you meet with the mediator alone? How many sessions will you have to attend in total? How and when will you interact with your ex? What should you do if the other parent makes unusual requests or if you get emotional?

List All Critical Concerns and Queries

You must always write down any questions or queries relevant to the negotiations. Write all specific issues you wish to resolve and any obstacles you expect that might prevent resolution in your favor.

For instance, you might have to travel each month for work. How will something like that impact your custody? Or the other parent may have a history of alcoholism. Though you are okay with sharing your child’s custody with them, what protections can you put in place to safeguard them from any adverse consequence of their addiction? Before continuing, it would be best to express all these concerns in depth.

Plan Out Your Priorities

It would help if you were specific about what you want. Write down your ideal parenting plan, with includes your proposed visitation schedule. Please include your child’s study schedules, including their extracurricular activities.

Also, include how you wish to handle school holidays and vacations. Remember that this is a great starting place for negotiations, not the final plan. Try to frame your concerns positively rather than arguing your point just because you are frustrated or mad. Mediation is about embracing creative and diverse options to improve your kids’ lives.

Stay Focused On The Kids

Focus on what would be the best for your child. If your child’s grades suffer and you think too much fighting between you and your ex may be detrimental, propose a solution that fits your situation. If you have any questions or potential or proven domestic abuse issues, speak with your New Haven custody mediation attorney.

Provide Your Attorney With All Critical Documents

To support your suggestions and claims, your New Haven custody mediation attorney must have access to all critical documents. For instance, bring your child’s school records, medical statements, police reports, and any other paperwork that could be deemed relevant.

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