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Glastonbury Parenting Mediation AttorneyWe understand that things could get pretty ugly after a divorce, especially if you and your ex don’t get along but want what’s best for yourselves and your kids. So, how will you go about speaking with your not-so-cooperative partner, let alone reach a fair decision related to your kids? Should you hire a professional family lawyer or consider speaking with a Glastonbury parenting mediation attorney? This article will help you understand what option is best for you, but first, you must look at mediation in family law.

What Is Mediation In Family Law?

Family law mediation is essential when two parties separate and must resolve several disputes, like how the children will be cared for or how they should divide the property. In case of parenting and property disputes, CT Mediation Center prefers you resolve such issues outside the court. This is done through mediation.

In mediation, the mediator will host and guide a conversation between you and your ex. They will help you identify and assess all your options so you can reach a fair decision regarding property division or parenting arrangements. Mediation can generally help couples deal with issues like:

  • Who will have custody of the children
  • Total time that they can spend with the other parent
  • Overall involvement of third parties, including grandparents and step-parents
  • Responsibility for paying additional children-related expenses that are not calculated in a child support assessment
  • Arrangements for holidays and special days
  • Planning how you and your ex-partner plan on communicating with one another regarding the children

How Family Law Mediation Helps You Settle Parenting Disputes

A professional Glastonbury parenting mediation attorney will help you and your ex reach a mutual agreement that is ideally suited to your child’s interest. A professional will also help explain the equally shared parental responsibilities between both parties, such as your kid’s emotional well-being, health care, education, and other important life decisions.

When you speak with a Glastonbury child custody attorney regarding your parenting issues, they will ensure all your needs are met before mediation and that you are fully aware of all your legal responsibilities and rights.

What Is The Primary Difference Between Family Attorneys And Family Mediators?

A family eternity will give you legal advice and support before, during, and after the mediation process. They will help you go into mediation well-prepared and aware of all your legal responsibilities and rights and ensure that your parenting plan is fair. You can always have your parenting plan reviewed by a family lawyer to ensure all your interests and needs are being met.
The mediation process helps couples find solutions for all their issues by themselves without involving a lawyer or a judge. A professional Glastonbury parenting mediation attorney will help you prepare parenting plans and help guide a conversation between you and your eggs from a neutral standpoint. However, it would help if you always kept in mind that a family mediator will not offer you legal support or advice or help you prepare an order.

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