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Cheshire Mediation LawyersAre you and your current partner deciding to approach a divorce? You are probably already done looking for all the ways you can resolve your differences and make the decision final. The most common paths that most separating spouses take is hiring a Cheshire mediation lawyer and a divorce litigation attorney. Both these methods have a few similarities and differences that are crucial to understanding when determining if they should consider mediation over litigation.

Divorce litigation and mediation are somewhat similar as they are dispute resolution methods rather than acting as answers to a dispute. For instance, if you and your current spouse disagree on who should keep the primary residence if you get a divorce, neither litigation nor mediation is the correct answer for your issue; instead, they are ways of finding a solution.

Divorce Litigation and Mediation: Same Problems, Different Processes

Divorce mediation in Cheshire and litigation are ideally used to resolve the same issues. These issues include child support, child custody, alimony, and division of assets, to name a few. However, this is where the similarities between the two end.

The techniques used in these methods rely on resolving problems for divorcing couples who tend to contrast each other. The primary difference between litigation and mediation is that they promote different values. Litigation boosts the adversarial system on which the courts are based and will rely on the judge to address the issues you and your ex can’t agree on. Mediation promotes the ideals of mutual respect and cooperation. A professional Cheshire mediator attorney does not fixate on who was right and wrong and instead helps you both reach your own agreement and move on peacefully after your separation.

Primary Differences Between Mediation and Litigation

As a result of the significantly disparate value systems at play in litigated and mediated divorces, there are several practical differences between both processes.

Mediation Offers Control and Speed

Since Cheshire mediation lawyers will focus on mutual and cooperation agreements, courts are not a part of the process using which couples resolve their issues. This will leave you and your partner in control of how fast your divorce progresses.

Mediation Is Much Less Expensive Than Litigation

Litigation is ideally an adversarial structure involving one or both parties represented by a professional attorney. However, mediation doesn’t require either side to be professionally represented, though you can still choose to hire a Cheshire mediation lawyer as a coach, so you understand your rights during the process.

Both parties are encouraged to hire a lawyer to review their final agreement before signing anything. Since you don’t have to hire separate lawyers to get through the process, mediation costs much less than litigation.

Mediation Helps Encourage Creative Solutions

Mediation helps promote a free exchange of communication and ideas in a way that’s not permitted in court. The process of mediation is much less formal than litigating in a courtroom, where professional etiquette and the rules of evidence are observed. Since mediation encourages creativity to help resolve issues rather than defensiveness and caution, couples can often reach an agreement much quicker than litigation.

Mediation Helps Narrow Down The Issues

Even if mediation cannot result in an entire agreement, the process can help you narrow the issues in dispute in litigation. Couples risk very little when they attempt mediation.

It can be very complicated to overstate all the differences in conflict, stress, and sense of control experienced by people who choose to litigate their divorce. If you want to find out more about how mediation is the right choice for you, we suggest you contact us right away!

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