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Avon Custody Mediation AttorneyMediation is a process that helps all separating couples solve their differences via a process of negotiation and communication to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon solution. In the case of a child custody mediation case, a professionally trained Avon custody mediation attorney will help you and the other parent of your child negotiate a custody settlement and parenting plan acceptable to both parties.

Some states in the US require all separating couples to go through mediation before a judge makes a final decision on their case. After all, no one knows what’s better for the child than their parents. The legal system recognizes that it’s in the child’s best interest to let the parents make the final call on visitation and custody versus a judge. Let us now look at a few common child custody mediation issues that an Avon custody mediation attorney will help you address.

Child Custody

How do you plan on structuring your child custody agreement with your ex-spouse? A child custody agreement will include where your child lives, physical care, and who will make significant life decisions on behalf of the child. They will also help you address if you wish to request joint or sole custody.

Time Schedules

When will both parents have time with their children? It includes day-to-day routines, overnight stays, vacations, extracurricular activities, holidays, and special occasions. It will also include how your childcare arrangement will work if both parents are employed.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Schedules

How will pick-up and drop-off routines work if you and your ex-spouse plan on sharing custody? Where will it occur? What should happen if there’s a schedule change?

Financial Responsibilities

A professional Avon parenting mediation attorney will help you figure out how to divide financial responsibilities for caring for your child. Are you and your ex-spouse both financially capable of providing for the child? Or will one of you need child support?

Professional attorneys will help you decide how the parents will handle medical expenses, school expenses, and other expenses for daily needs like shelter, food, and clothing. They will also address how the parents will exchange the money between both parties and who will claim the child on their taxes.

Medical Care

Mediation will help both parties decide who is responsible for making regular dentist and doctor appointments. You and your ex will discuss how the parents should handle medical emergencies and who will be responsible for providing health insurance for your child.

General Rules and Guidelines

Are there any rules in your household regarding food, discipline, bedtimes, screen time, homework, or any religious education you wish your kids to adhere to? What if you or your ex-spouse start seeing someone new? Do you have any rules for introducing someone you’re dating to your kids? How do you plan on handling grandparent visitations?

An Avon custody mediation attorney can help you address all these questions. Remember, the more issues you anticipate and work out ahead of time, the better it is for you and your children.
The primary purpose of child custody mediation is to find common ground and develop a parenting plan that is the best for your child’s future. Both parents must get into mediation with that mentality. It is not a time for you to fight with your ex-spouse over why your relationship failed. You are trying to continue your life as two co-parents for your child. Do you have questions related to custody mediation? If yes, feel free to contact CT Mediation Center right away!

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If you and your ex-spouse are ready to pursue mediation to resolve disputes related to child custody and visitation, we suggest you contact CT Mediation Center at the earliest. Our attorneys have years of experience helping a divorcing couple create child custody and parenting plans. Our attorneys know what areas to focus on and how to host a healthy conversation solely to benefit your children and their future. Call our team for more information.