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For couples facing a divorce, it is common to feel a lot of uncertainty kicking in. In today’s article, we will help you decide whether arbitration is the right way to end your union. Arbitration is one of the many ways to resolve disputes between you and your ex while separating. Let’s look at how divorce arbitration works and how you can benefit from working with a professional Avon divorce arbitration attorney!

Divorce Arbitration Explained

Arbitration is ideal for couples who have reached a stalemate or an impasse in their divorce negotiations and want to find a resolution without going to court. Arbitration is very similar to a divorce trial, but instead of resolving your disputes in a public courtroom, your case will be heard in private before an arbitrator. Your arbitrator could be a retired judge or a professional Avon divorce arbitration attorney with experience dealing with family law cases. You and your ex and your respective attorneys must mutually agree upon selecting an arbitrator.

You and your ex will have the flexibility to schedule a time and a place for your arbitration hearing that’s convenient for everyone involved. This gives arbitration a massive advantage over traditional litigation, where your hearing will be scheduled according to the judge’s availability. After hearing both sides, your arbitrator will decide on the disputed issues. In most cases, you cannot appeal the arbitrator’s decision.

Some Well-Known Advantages Of Arbitration Include:

Firstly, arbitration is generally much less expensive than a traditional court case since it is swift. While standard court filing fees can quickly add up, arbitration will have a more relaxed set of requirements regarding the admissibility of documents. The arbitration process is also quite streamlined and doesn’t require all the personnel a regular trial needs.

Secondly, arbitration is much more convenient than taking the traditional litigation route. When working with an Avon divorce mediation attorney, you can easily schedule your hearing depending on what suits you and your ex. On the other hand, traditional trials occur whenever they are expected in the court’s docket, regardless of your schedule.

Third, arbitration hearings are generally a private affair. Most people know that a traditional courtroom trial will be open to the public. Anyone interested in watching your case could step right in. On the other hand, an arbitration hearing will be conducted behind closed doors, with the exception of confidentiality, which can only be broken with a mutual agreement between you, your ex, and the Avon divorce arbitration attorney.

Both sides must prepare arguments and present evidence to support their claim in arbitration. However, in arbitration, the presentation of proof is much less formal than in a traditional litigation setting. During arbitration, issues like who will be called upon as a witness and what documents you must produce can be handled over a phone call. This also helps make the process smoother and more straightforward for everyone involved.

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Arbitrations are becoming more and more common among couples trying to find a resolution in family law issues, including divorce, child custody, division of property, and more. However, their unique process could tip up a lot of attorneys who are not familiar with how they work. Hence, you must ensure that your Avon divorce arbitration attorney has experience dealing with arbitration. If you are looking for a capable and dependable attorney to help handle your divorce case, consider contacting CT Mediation Center today!

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