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New Haven Custody Arbitration LawyerArbitration is legally defined as a private and consensual dispute resolution technique that uses a neutral third party to reach a binding decision. In the past few years, arbitration has become the go-to choice for couples trying to sort disputes like child custody and property division. The third party you hire to help resolve your dispute is an arbitrator. You could consider an arbitrator like a private judge. Arbitrators are generally retired judges or lawyers with years of experience handling family law cases. In arbitration, each party can provide evidence and tell their side of the story. After listening to both hearings, the arbitrator will give a legally binding award (decision). Arbitration offers several advantages over traditional litigation, which could make it a better alternative for you, the primary one being its rapid. Many couples prefer placing a time limit on the overall length of the process. All arbitration hearings are made to be more flexible than traditional litigation. Let’s check out the top advantages of working with a New Haven custody arbitration lawyer:

It Is Generally Cheaper Than Litigation

Fighting a legal battle can be very costly. Moreover, if you hire an experienced lawyer, they commonly charge thousands of dollars per day for their services. While you may be tempted to pursue your case without hiring a professional, it’s never a good idea.

A New Haven custody arbitration lawyer can guide you through the process and help you reach a fair resolution that works best for your kids. Regardless, arbitration is generally far less expensive than going through the traditional litigation process. Litigation can usually take months (if not years) to reach a decision, which will only increase your lawyer’s fee. Not to mention arbitration is also much less complicated.

Arbitration Hearings Are Private And Confidential

Traditional court trials are not confidential. However, that is not the case when it comes to arbitration. Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process that can help keep your resolution confidential. After all, no one wants to fight their personal fights in a public court. This added level of privacy can be a massive advantage if the subject matter of your dispute could result in embarrassment or reveal some private information about your relationship.

A More Simplified Process

The complex rules and regulations surrounding evidence and procedure do not apply to arbitration, making it a less formal solution for couples. Since the traditional court usually has a lot of cases to handle, arbitration is adapted to make the process as fast as possible.

In arbitration, there is a process called ‘discovery.’ It is when people in traditional litigation ask each other questions, get statements, and request documentation. However, this process can take up a lot of time, causing delays in the case. When you choose to work with a New Haven divorce arbitration attorney, things work differently. Instead of going through the complicated litigation process, you can make most decisions, like who you wish to take as a witness and what papers must be shown via a simple phone call. This helps make the process faster and more straightforward.

It Is A Child-Centric Approach

Arbitration helps you put your child’s best interests first. The entire process is built around ensuring your kids are happy and safe. You and your ex-partner will work together on making decisions that will help your child face as little trauma as possible. This unique focus on your child’s well-being generally leads to friendlier and more agreeable solutions for everyone involved.

Navigating child custody disputes can be challenging, but knowing your options well could make a significant difference. After reading what we have explored today, arbitration is a promising alternative to traditional litigation. Its private, efficient, and child-focused approach is ideal for resolving child custody matters. However, if you still have any doubts about arbitration or how the process works, we suggest you contact our CT Mediation Center team for clarity.

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