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New Haven Parenting Mediation AttorneyWithin the first 120 days of filing a petition to distribute parental responsibilities for a child, the separating parents must file a parenting plan that specifies parenting time and critical decision-making responsibilities. It is ideal when both parties can agree on a parenting plan, but that can only sometimes be the case. Several vital details are involved in planning out your children’s life that you need to address when your emotions are running wild over disputes with your partner. Fortunately, you still have a chance to reach common ground by asking a New Haven parenting mediation attorney to help you develop a parenting plan. It is a process that can help you find the best possible way to look after your children and will benefit your entire family.

Mediation Can Help You Decide What’s Best For Your Child’s Future

Many couples have now switched to mediation since it helps them deal with the anxiety that often comes with a divorce – unless you have critical barriers that suggest mediation might not work. If you and your ex-partner are ready to keep your differences at bay to decide what’s best for your child’s life, then mediation is an ideal choice for you!

Suppose there are a few minor issues that you are concerned about, like enforcing bedtime or helping the child with homework. In that case, a New Haven parenting mediation attorney can help you mediate only on the disputed issues.

Top Reasons Why You Must Consider Mediation

While you may not like to deal with the anxiety of working with your ex, there are a lot of advantages that may change your perspective toward mediation:

A professional mediator will preside over the process. They are qualified and have finely tuned all skills that help guide both parties to meaningful discussions, putting them in a better place to help resolve their disputes.

Both parties will get to speak about their point of view in an unofficial setting. Remember, mediation is not a trial. The procedural rules of mediation are quite relaxed to help encourage both parties to express their perspectives freely.

The mediation process is very confidential, so anything you or the other party says will not be a part of the public record like it is in court proceedings.

A mediator or your New Haven parenting mediation attorney will not make any decisions on the parenting plan. The role of these professionals is to help you and your ex facilitate valuable conversations with the primary goal of resolving. This way, you will not be bound by any findings.

Hire the Right Attorney If You Wish To Succeed In Divorce Mediation

Mediation is one of the preferred solutions if you and your ex can’t agree on a parenting plan. There are numerous advantages of using mediation to resolve disagreements over parenting plans, and the benefits can last past your final order for divorce. If you want the best results from mediation, hiring a New Haven parenting mediation attorney is vital to represent your interests. A professional lawyer can ensure your voice gets heard. They will also guide you through the process with ease.

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Mediation is a perfect choice if you wish to end your relationship but still leave things on a positive note. All the New Haven parenting mediation attorneys from CT Mediation Center have years of training and experience helping separating couples do right by their children. With our professionals by your side, you can effortlessly decide what’s best for your child’s future. Contact our team if you have any questions or concerns about the mediation process.