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Connecticut Divorce Arbitration AttorneyWe understand that a divorce can be complicated for everyone involved. Some couples approach it with a sense of understanding and cooperation, while others feel the entire process is a zero-sum battle. The approach varies from couple to couple, depending on their situation. Because of these unique circumstances, the legal system has devised different techniques to help work out the details of a divorce agreement. While many people have heard of the first two, many couples still don’t know how a Connecticut divorce arbitration attorney can help. However, before we get into arbitration, let’s look at the other two divorce options to see how it’s different.


Whenever you seek judgment in a divorce, you will need a judge. In such cases, a judge will be presented with all the evidence from both parties and their arguments for how they believe the case should be handled. After thoroughly considering the evidence and arguments with the laws governing divorce, the judge will give an enforceable agreement you can accept or appeal.


The more collaborative alternative to judgment is mediation. In mediation, the parties sit with an objective third-party moderator who helps them reach an agreement that’s fair to both parties. Mediation divorce is voluntary but only legally binding once you and your ex sign the agreement. Since both parties have an equal say, mediation is the best way to find an agreeable arrangement.


Arbitration is a mix of both options mentioned above. An arbitrator is also a neutral third party who tries to help you find a settlement on the terms of your divorce. However, like a judge, they will also have the last say in finalizing an enforceable arrangement, as long as it’s agreed on by you and your ex going into the process.

Before you head into arbitration, you and your ex-spouse must sit down and decide what you will discuss. You can also choose if whatever decision you reach is going to be legally binding or not. You will also have the power to set the schedule, figure out how to deal with evidence, and decide whether the decision can be appealed.

When you partner with a professional Connecticut divorce arbitration attorney, they will carefully consider the evidence and arguments, stick to all the rules you and your ex have agreed upon, and follow the law to reach a fair decision.

Here’s How Arbitration Can Benefit You Along the Way

If you tried to meet in the middle via mediation but failed, arbitration could be an ideal Plan B for you. It offers you various perks over traditional divorce. Let’s check our top reasons why you should consider arbitration.

Arbitration Offers You Flexible And Faster Resolution!

One critical advantage of divorce arbitration is the flexibility it offers. Unlike a traditional divorce proceeding, arbitration enables you and your spouse to set the schedule and select the location of your hearing. It helps avoid a lot of stress and expense. Moreover, since you get to schedule the hearing at a time that works best for both of you, it also helps make the process faster!

Arbitration Gives You Privacy And Confidentiality

Our professional Connecticut divorce lawyer will provide you and your ex with a private and confidential forum to help resolve disputes. Remember, in litigation, your court proceeding will b open to the public, and your divorce details could be a part of the public record. Since arbitration hearings are ideally conducted in private, the details of your case remain confidential.

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