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Windsor Divorce Arbitration AttorneyMost divorce cases often entail a lot of stressful decisions. One of those decisions is how you wish to end your marriage. Since traditional divorce litigation can take a long time to reach a decision, you can speed up the process by choosing divorce arbitration with our Windsor divorce arbitration attorney. Today, we will discuss what arbitration is and give tips on selecting a suitable arbitrator for your case.

Divorce Arbitration: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Arbitration is one of the most famous dispute resolution processes used by separating couples. It is a divorce trial where couples are heard in private before an arbitrator instead of resolving their issues in a public courtroom. A divorce arbitrator is a third-party neutral who helps make a legally binding decision for your disputes. An arbitrator could be a retired judge or an attorney with family law experience.

In divorce arbitration, each spouse generally hires respective Windsor divorce arbitration attorneys. Both parties will then agree to hire an arbitrator to present their cases. While it’s quite like a court proceeding, the overall process of divorce arbitration is usually less formal than litigation. After hearing both sides, the arbitrator will render a legally binding decision which can generally not be appealed. Sometimes, the parties agree to hire a specific arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators to help resolve their disputes. Some examples include:

Industry-Specific Arbitrators: In some industry-specific cases, such as finance or construction, you must hire specific arbitrators with specialized knowledge and expertise. Parties in these industries could greatly benefit by appointing a technical arbitrator to ensure they deeply understand the issues involved.

Court-Appointed Arbitrators: Sometimes, a court might appoint an arbitrator to help resolve your disputes. It might happen when both parties agree to use arbitration but cannot agree on a particular arbitrator. It could also occur if the court believes arbitration is the ideal way to resolve your dispute.

Institutional Arbitrators: Various institutions maintain a list of approved arbitrators with the required training and certifications to resolve a dispute. You may hire one of these arbitrators to ensure it’s conducted according to the institute’s procedures and rules.

Retired Judges: Retired judges can sometimes be hired as arbitrators. They generally have extensive experience making legal decisions and understand how to be unbiased and impartial.

Top Factors To Check When Selecting An Arbitrator

Now let’s check out the top factors you must consider when selecting an arbitrator for your case. Note your Windsor divorce attorney can also help suggest top arbitrators for your case.


Always check the qualifications and registration of your chosen arbitrator to see if they are authorized by the relevant legal bodies in your state. You must find someone who is suitably qualified if you wish to reach a fair and just decision.


Does your chosen arbitrator have the right experience to arbitrate your case fairly? For instance, if you wish to get divorced or separated from your partner, you must work with an arbitrator who was once a Windsor divorce arbitration attorney with relevant experience.


You must check your chosen arbitrator’s caseload to determine how quickly you can conclude your case. Some arbitrators could be booked for months in advance. The availability of your arbitrator will dictate how quickly you reach a decision.

If you are experiencing problems finding a suitable arbitrator for your case, contact an experienced Windsor divorce arbitration attorney from CT Mediation Center for help! Our experts can guide how to approach arbitration to reach a favorable decision.

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