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CT Mediation Center, LLC is a peace making practice dedicated entirely to couples who are committed to approaching the end of a marriage with honesty, integrity and reason. We help divorcing spouses reach constructive divorce settlements by avoiding the emotional and financial toll of litigation and without court intervention.

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  • [S]ince we chose mediation, we already had talked about some of our needs, but Attorney Green brought up issues we had not thought about. Some of the tough issues were actually easy to get settled. Some of the issues I thought would be easy were not. Luckily her experience guided us through and we ultimately made our own decisions that worked best for us. I was happy with our choice in Attorney Green and would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce...

    Mediation Client

  • Using Atty Green for a mediated divorce was a gift. She is compassionate, while maintaining clear boundaries and neutrality. She values teaching/coaching her clients how to negotiate in a respectful and productive manner. I most valued her ability to point out that neither of us was 'wrong' but that different personality styles and perspectives can create communication frustrations in a marriage that may not be repairable...

    Emily M.

  • You were absolutely remarkable at separating the emotional aspects of dissolution to pull into focus our child and future. Your flexibility, kindness and patience can't be forgotten. My ex and I may not be able raise [our child] as a couple due to our paths diverging, but you were instrumental with setting the framework for us to co-parent effectively. Your ability at what you do is exemplary, and thank you whole-heartedly.

    Mediation Client