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New Haven Divorce Arbitration AttorneyWhen you and your partner decide to get a divorce, you must be prepared to make some tough decisions. You and your partner must equitably divide your property and may have to decide on other important issues like child custody and visitation. Remember, you must do all this while going through the emotional trauma of ending a marriage. To help make this process easy, many couples seek assistance from third-party neutral to reach a final settlement. This is where our New Haven divorce arbitration attorney can help!

Arbitration: What Is It, And How Does It Compare Against Mediation And Litigation?

The best way to understand what arbitration is and when to use it is by comparing it against the two alternatives: mediation and litigation.

Mediation is when you and your spouse hire a mutually third party to help reach an agreement. The mediator will only guide the process and give you their input. Unlike a traditional courtroom judge, a mediator will not have any authority to settle disputes between you and your partner.

Arbitration shares several similarities to its two alternatives. Like during mediation, arbitration also requires you to hire an independent third party to hear both sides of the dispute. Both parties must agree on the process and select an arbitrator. An arbitrator could be a retired judge or a New Haven divorce arbitration attorney. Arbitration is quite similar to mediation since both these processes ideally work faster than litigation, resulting in a lower cost for both parties involved.

Since arbitration allows each party to put forth their evidence, it is also quite similar to litigation. Lie a traditional court case, your arbitrator will also have to authority to make a final decision. While the decision can be appealed, the law recognizes them as legally binding. However, there is one significant difference between litigation and arbitration. Your arbitration hearing will be held in private. On the other hand, litigation becomes a matter of public record. It’s not uncommon for couples to not want their divorce case to be held public, especially if kids are involved.

Top Advantages Of Using Arbitration For Your Divorce!

Now that you know how arbitration works, we should check out the advantages of arbitration for divorce.

Quicker Resolution

When you take the traditional litigation route, you might have to wait several months for a court hearing. Fortunately, a professional New Haven divorce arbitration attorney can help you set up a date for arbitration to resolve your issues as soon as possible. This helps make mediation much quicker than traditional court litigation.

A Fair Ruling

Since an arbitrator is a neutral third party, you can always count on them to find a balanced outcome that does not favor one party. They will hear both sides of your dispute and find the best solution for everyone involved.


Many couples choose to work with a New Haven divorce lawyer to settle their disputes in private since a traditional court proceeding will be a matter of public record. You will no longer have to worry about publically airing your home’s dirty laundry.

A Final Decision

At the end of your arbitration, the arbitrator will pass a final decision addressing all your disputes. This provides you with a finality you might not achieve in other dispute resolution practices like mediation.

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