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Compassionate Collaborative Divorce Lawyers in Glastonbury, Connecticut

Glastonbury Collaborative Divorce LawyerWhenever two people finalize on ending their relationship, there are complex and uncomfortable feelings to process. It is only natural to have a harsh courtroom battle if you or your partner’s feelings are hurt. It often tends to make an already intense emotional situation even more complicated. However, there is one more option that you must look into. If you and your spouse wish to end things on a good note and stay in touch after separation, you can easily avoid all the ugly struggles with the help of a Glastonbury collaborative divorce lawyer.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

In a collaborative divorce case, several parties interact to attain a conclusion that benefits the divorcing couple. So, each spouse can hire a lawyer, but they are not getting ready to go to war. A Glastonbury collaborative divorce lawyer is present to support both parties and ensure that all essential legal concerns are met.

Professionals who practice collaborative divorce have training in several meditation techniques that help them communicate productively. A lot of psychological understanding goes into a collaborative divorce case, which is not always the case in legal issues.

You can also involve other professionals in a collaborative divorce case. For instance, you can hire a mental health professional to help you or your spouse deal with complex emotions that often accompany a divorce. A mental health professional can also help you set up a parenting plan that benefits both parents and children. You can even employ a financial specialist to determine your spousal support plan and asset division.

The Process Of Collaborative Divorce Is Much Faster

Ideally, contested divorce cases tend to take a lot of time. In some cases, reaching a favorable decision can take years. You need to start collecting documents, recounting the facts of your divorce, and much more. You must hire a legal attorney and speak with them regularly. Then you must wait for the attorney to build a strong case for you. Keep in mind that a contested divorce case involves going to a trial. You will see witnesses being called for questioning and evidence being presented. You may even be asked to take a stand where you must deal with both sides.

However, a collaborative divorce case can help you avoid all this. You will meet with your Glastonbury divorce attorney and spouse a few times, come up with an agreement, and submit it to the court, and you are done.

It Keeps Your Privacy Intact

Divorcing couples must understand that all courtroom trials are open to the public. Any accusation or evidence that comes out during your case can also be accessed by family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Even if the allegations are entirely false, the fact that they were brought up in court may tarnish your image.

A collaborative divorce case can help you bypass any embarrassment of such sort. Anything you or your spouse say in your meeting will remain strictly confidential. The only things that may feel like a court are your financial disclosure, the final agreement, and the matrimonial actions showing your marriage has ended. How you, your partner, and your Glastonbury property division lawyer reach that decision will remain private for as long as you or your ex-partner wish.

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Divorce cases can be mentally, physically, and financially challenging. But a collaborative divorce procedure can somewhat ease the process. Our Glastonbury collaborative divorce lawyers from CT Mediation have years of training and experience dealing with collaborative divorce cases in Glastonbury. This experience enables us to help you reach the outcome you deserve. Call us today at to schedule a consultation.