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Cheshire Custody Mediation AttorneyThousands of divorce cases occur in the US annually, many of which involve issues like child support and custody. Child custody is one of the most significant issues you must tackle in divorce. It is more complicated for each spouse to agree upon. Suppose you have kids and are looking for some assistance ironing out the details of your custody arrangement. In that case, we suggest you reach out to a Cheshire custody mediation attorney as soon as possible.

Custody Mediation: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Mediation is a process that is commonly used in uncontested divorces, meaning that both spouses believe they can reach a fair settlement without disagreement. It is a procedure where parents discuss all their current conflicts and disputes with a third-party mediator to agree on these issues. The third party is meant to be wholly unaffiliated with either parent.

Though a wide range of divorce cases might go through mediation, child custody is often the primary focus of all mediation procedures. A mediator’s goal is to handle custody discussions while also coming up with solutions that might help resolve the dispute. Though the mediator doesn’t have the power to settle the disagreement directly, they may help push the parents towards having a more civil discussion.

How Mediation Works With Child Custody

Mediation with custody agreements works almost the same way as other forms of mediation. The parents will discuss with a third-party mediator instead of taking their case to court. Mediation can be conducted with both parties in the same or different rooms based on their preference.

The most common way mediation is used in child custody cases is when the guardians or parents can agree on most things related to child custody but tend to disagree on a few particulars. The mediator will try to find common ground with both parties on the more minor aspects of the custody. A successful Cheshire custody mediation attorney can help both parties agree on each part of their child custody. If they don’t, the case will most likely go to litigation.

The mediation process will also not involve any expert witnesses in the same way as most court cases do, which helps make the entire mediation process much shorter than a court case. Though the agreements and decisions made in mediation are not legally binding, they are adhered to by a court. According to our Cheshire custody mediation attorneys, the most common factors you and your spouse must agree upon in their child custody plan include:

  • The kind of custody
  • A visitation schedule
  • Living arrangements
  • Planning out the holidays
  • Panning about the child’s education
  • Vacations of the sort that the child can take with each parent

Suppose you are planning on filing for a divorce and would like to learn more about all your legal options related to child custody in Cheshire. In that case, you can always reach out to one of our Cheshire mediation lawyers from CT Mediation Center and set up a consultation at the earliest. After your plan has been created and signed by both parties, it will go through a short finalization process.

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