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Milford Divorce AttorneyOne of the most trying moments in a person’s life might be when they are going through a divorce. It can be challenging to decide whether to file for divorce, especially if there are children involved. The Milford divorce attorneys at CT Mediation Center want to make things simpler for you and your kids. Both contentious and uncontested divorces are handled on behalf of our clients. Our divorce attorneys take the time to hear you out and address all of your concerns. After that, we will assess your circumstances and inform you of all of your legal choices.

Our mission is to assist you in making decisions that uphold your legal rights and are best for your family and children. We are aware that your life is complicated by factors other than your divorce. Marriage dissolution is never something we do casually. To create an experience you won’t regret, we work hard to get to know you as a person and an individual. Although change is inevitable, the tension and anxiety it causes you need not be. Every day, our dedicated legal staff works hard to assist clients dealing with the stress, apprehension, and financial difficulties that come along with divorce proceedings.

Connecticut Divorce Attorney

One of the most frequent causes for family law clients to come into our practice is divorce. Custody, child support, spousal support, property division, enforcement, and protection orders are just a few of the numerous topics that are covered by divorce.

You may learn more about divorce in Connecticut, including details like the waiting period and what a no-fault divorce entails when you visit with one of our knowledgeable Connecticut family law experts.

Divorce laws in Connecticut

Divorce is the formal end of a legally binding contract, which is marriage. Before you move forward, there are a few things you should understand regarding Connecticut’s divorce rules. The divorce laws in Connecticut are “no-fault” laws. Accordingly, the only prerequisite for requesting a divorce is that the union has “irretrievably broken down.” This does not, however, imply that neither spouse’s acts will be taken into account when a decision is made about the matter. One spouse may still be blamed for the divorce, according to the court. Unless it is extreme, culpability often has minimal bearing on the divorce process. When making a judgment in a Connecticut divorce, the court considers carefully any allegations of abuse or an unfaithful relationship.

In Connecticut, there are two different forms of divorce: uncontested and disputed. An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree on every aspect, whereas a contentious divorce involves one of the parties disagreeing with the divorce or its terms. Because it is extremely uncommon for couples to agree on everything up front, the majority of divorces begin as disputed proceedings. The goal is to come to a mutually acceptable agreement through mechanisms like mediation and the legal system.

The Division Of Marital Assets

Connecticut does not recognize common property. Accordingly, each spouse will typically get the assets they brought into the marriage, but choices will still need to be made regarding assets the couple acquired while they were together.

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Divorce, child custody, visitation, alimony, child support, and property division should all be taken into consideration at the same time since they may influence one another and because some property splits may offer tax advantages over others.

Working with experts who can assist the couple in coming to a fair conclusion pays well. Our Milford divorce attorneys collaborate with other experts to make sure that clients have a clear grasp of the worth of marital assets and can utilize that knowledge to make decisions about how to divide those assets.