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Avon Mediation LawyerDivorce can be a complicated process that can introduce sadness and anger among everyone involved. A conflict in divorce may also mean more economic and emotional pain for the litigants and their children. Mediation is an excellent way to help you and your separating partner avoid an expensive and lengthy legal battle. Mediation helps reduce stress by giving both parties more control over the final outcome of their separation. If you are not sure whether you should contact a professional Avon mediation lawyer, here are a few reasons why mediation is better than traditional divorce:

Mediation: A Quick Overview

A divorce mediation will allow you and your ex to resolve any issues related to custody or asset distribution in a divorce with a neutral third-party mediation attorney. Many people prefer mediation over litigation because it is much less upsetting and almost always the least expensive. Divorce mediation will also allow both parties to find a quick resolution to finish their case than a typical divorce.

Another critical advantage of mediation is that you and your ex will have an ultimate say over your contested issues. Except for extreme cases where mediation might not be the best solution, any agreement you and your ex-partner reach in mediation will be binding on the court. This means both parties can keep control and power over your relationship, and a judge will not be making or ordering you to do anything.

The Process

Divorce mediation starts when you and your ex agree to hire a professional Avon mediation lawyer. While a mediation divorce is voluntary in most states across the US, the court also has the power to order separating couples to try mediation.

While divorce mediation can be highly successful in helping you resolve cases, it is most effective when you and your ex are willing to negotiate your divorce issues. Ideally, a professional Avon custody mediation attorney will set up a neutral meeting with the parties (and their counsel, if any). In this initial meeting, the parties can speak their views on common divorce issues that include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Division of assets
  • Alimony

The initial discussion will help your mediator understand how realistic it is to achieve a possible resolution to your case via mediation. Remember, there is no specific time limit on mediation. Everyone can continue working with their mediator until an agreement is reached or the process seems unworkable.

If the issues between you and your ex are too complicated or the feelings of anger are too high for you to reach an agreement, litigation is still an option. Still, a divorce mediation case will almost always be much less expensive and lengthy than a divorce fought in court.

Is Mediation The Right Choice?

Mediation is possible only if there is a chance for you and your separating partner to reach common terms in a divorce. You and your spouse must be open about your finances and agree on child custody issues. However, if your partner has a history of domestic violence or alcoholism, we would not advise you to go for mediation.

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The process of a divorce can be pretty painful, and a traditional divorce can be financially and emotionally devastating for everyone involved in the process. You would be better off if both sides agreed to the divorce terms without extending their quarrel. Divorce mediation is ideal for couples to reach a mutual agreement on issues like child custody, division of property, or alimony.

The professional divorce mediation attorneys from CT Mediation Center can help you conclude your case without fighting a lengthy and expensive legal battle. Our team is proud to have helped couples in difficult situations separate agreeably and is always one phone call away! If you have any questions about the mediation process or want to get started with your divorce mediation, call us right away!