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Avon Custody Arbitration LawyerYou will find many articles online about whether arbitration has lived up to its role as a faster, better, and cheaper alternative litigation. Regardless of what anyone says, litigation is undoubtedly costly, and it’s best if you look for ways to reduce these unnecessary costs and delays. Unlike traditional litigation, arbitration can help you and your ex have much more control over the process, including selecting an arbitrator and finalizing the date, time, and place for your hearing. Selecting a suitable arbitrator is critical to reaching a fair resolution, especially for your child custody case. Since you don’t have a right to appeal an arbitral award (in most cases), it’s trivial that you partner with someone capable of understanding the gravity of your child custody case. An arbitrator can be a retired judge or an Avon custody arbitration lawyer with experience dealing with similar issues. Let’s discuss a few more factors you must keep in check when selecting an arbitrator for your child custody case!

Someone Who Has a Free Schedule

Most couples choose arbitration over litigation primarily because it’s a faster and more convenient process. However, this will only be true if your arbitrator has a fee schedule. When finalizing an Avon custody arbitration lawyer to act as your arbitrator, ensure they don’t have a lot of caseloads. Ask them if they have enough time to devote proper time and attention to your disputes.

When you decide to work with an experienced arbitrator, it’s not a secret their caseloads can be considerable, given how highly sought-after the process is amongst couples. Hiring someone who has months booked up in advance could result in scheduling conflicts, which will delay your proceedings. However, when specific professional or legal expertise is required, it would be best to appoint someone sensible and best suited for your case rather than selecting someone to help resolve your disputes quickly.

Someone Who Has the Specific Expertise Required For Your Case

Another factor you must consider is the expertise needed to address your disputes. For instance, an arbitrator with years of litigation experience handling family law and child custody disputes will give you a significant advantage when presiding over a custody dispute.

An Avon custody arbitration lawyer with experience in partnership and shareholder disputes will be better at achieving satisfactory results and avoiding wasting time explaining basic industry concepts. In some cases, especially where the dispute involves a particular industry, it would make more sense to appoint someone with specific professional expertise, like an engineer in a construction design issue, an accountant in an accounting dispute, etc.

In a child custody case, your priority should always be to look after your child’s best interests. When you employ someone with family law experience, they will be a better fit to help you and your ex find common ground for improving your child’s future.

Someone Who Can Help Manage the Process Efficiently

Due to the absence of strict litigation rules, arbitration can lead to a prompt, efficient arbitration process tailored to help resolve the dispute. However, if the process is not managed correctly, the absence of procedural rules could lead to disagreements between the parties, causing unnecessary delays and costs. If you wish your arbitration process to be administered efficiently and cost-effectively, you must find a strong arbitrator capable of managing both people and the process.

When finalizing a candidate concerning their management skills, you must consider if they have a sound judicial demeanor and are familiar with the arbitration process. They should also be comfortable dealing with different legal systems, cultures, and tensions that run high during a child custody dispute.

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