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Connecticut Divorce Mediation AttorneyA divorce can be a very challenging process. If you and your partner wish to fight it out via litigation, the damage done by this long process can be devastating financially and emotionally for everyone involved. Fortunately, if you want to serve your mutual interests, you still have a viable alternative to resolve conflicts often involved in a divorce. A Connecticut divorce mediation attorney can help!

Mediation might not be the best solution for all divorce cases, but it’s often recommended when couples wish to keep the issues surrounding their divorce private. In certain states, the judge might rule that you and your ex must go through mediation before resorting to litigation.

Mediation is an effective way to resolve conflicts. Its presided over by a neutral family law expert who helps create ideal conditions to facilitate the effective presentation of issues and finding their solutions. A Connecticut divorce mediation attorney offers to separate couples numerous advantages compared to litigation. Besides a smoother flow of conflict resolution, let us look at the top merits of mediation over traditional divorce litigation.

It’s Much More Affordable

The upfront cost of traditional divorce litigation can go up to $50,000 for each party involved. Besides the attorney costs, you will also have to spend money on overhead and transportation. If you require private investigators to help you find evidence, it can be even more financially devastating for one or both parties.

Since litigation is a very long process, its compound cost can be unreasonable. However, in the case of mediation, the overall cash outlay is significantly lower. Since the mediation process is speedy, the overhead costs are also very low. Moreover, you can choose to share this cost with your ex.

The Primary Focus Is On Your Mutual Interests

The role of a professional Connecticut mediation lawyer is to re-frame your divorce situation in a way that enables both parties to see their arguments. The non-adversarial atmosphere of a divorce mediation case makes it easier for couples to focus on their mutual interest. It helps pave the way for couples towards an amicable way to settle their issues. Since divorce can be pretty emotional, mediation ensures that the overall emotional pain is minimized for everyone involved, especially kids.

It Allows You To Have More Control Over The Outcome

In a traditional litigation divorce, either parties’ attorneys or judges will have control over their case’s outcome. However, in mediation, couples are given perfect consideration to help resolve their conflicts themselves. As an expert in mediation issues, a Connecticut divorce mediation attorney will ensure that both parties present their case in a way that the other party understands.

It Is Faster Than Litigation

As you already know, litigation can be a very long process. moreover, both parties must agree to meet court timings, which is often very inconvenient. Litigation may also require you to visit the court on several dates before you resolve. This usually takes several months, if not years.

Though the overall duration to resolve issues still depends on the couple, mediation often requires fewer sessions to resolve disputes and reach a fair settlement. Divorce mediation will allow you and your kids to rebuild your lives sooner, thanks to its fast conflict-resolving capabilities.

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