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Cheshire Parenting Mediation LawyerDivorce is often a complicated and painful process which can be incredibly challenging if kids are involved. Fighting over the custody of your children in court can increase the overall pain for everyone involved – in addition to expenses. However, all disagreeing couples can get assistance in reaching a fair decision for their family someplace other than court. Child custody and parenting mediation exist for all parents who disagree and don’t wish to take on a court battle’s emotional and financial costs. Our Cheshire parenting mediation lawyers are here for these instances.

What Is Child Custody?

Even though it is often considered an all-or-nothing proposition, child custody is pretty straightforward – one party gets the children, and the other doesn’t. It has been established that kids grow better when both parents are a part of their life, which is the final goal a court strives for in a custody or parenting case.

Child custody surrounds two basic concepts: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody primarily deals with where a kid will reside. To a significant degree, determining the physical custody of a child depends on where both parents live and who can provide arrangements that best suit the kid’s needs.

Legal custody relates to who will decide about other critical matters in the child’s life, such as religious upbringing, education, and non-emergency medical treatment. Courts prefer that both parents share the legal custody unless one party is not qualified for any reason.

Basics of Child Custody Mediation

Though several issues in a divorce may be contentious, child custody and parenting time are the most emotionally difficult for families to agree on. A professional Cheshire parenting mediation lawyer can help tone down the hostility of the process for the safety of the parents and their kids.

Mediation is also generally cheaper than taking your case to court since you will be paying a mediator to assist you in reaching an agreement instead of asking a family law attorney to battle your case out in court. Moreover, a Cheshire parenting mediation lawyer will allow you to have a say in when the session should take place. It is a luxury that’s nonexistent in the standard court system.
Many states mandate you try mediation after the divorce starts if the parents cannot come up with a parenting plan by themselves. So, even if couples who cannot agree have not been selected to pursue mediation, it is inevitable that they will be ordered to participate at some point. In this light, it is critical to learn how you must approach mediation with a Cheshire family law attorney.

Tips To Prepare For Child Custody Mediation

It would help if you remembered that a parenting plan, in general, and mediation, is not primarily about the parents. It ideally focuses on the children. It would be best if you committed to doing whatever is best for your kids, starting with preparation.

Ignore Marital Issues That Aren’t Related To the Children

It would help if you kept in mind that this is not a regular divorce mediation, so don’t bring up anything that isn’t explicitly related to parenting time and custody. Most Cheshire parenting mediation lawyers believe that reciting a list of things you dislike about the other parent is the best example of what not to say in your child custody and parenting mediation.

Think Before You Speak

When talking about your kids, talk about ‘our’ kids instead of ‘my’ kids. It is much more inclusive and less aggressive. It would be best if you also coached your remarks regarding what you and your ex can do to make the situation as painless and positive for the kids as possible.

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