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Connecticut Collaborative Divorce AttorneyWhen a couple decides to separate, they often resort to the traditional litigation process, where both parties hire a personal attorney, and the adversarial process begins. It is effortless for parties to see everything as a fight in litigation with only one winner, which makes the other party the loser. Losing or winning should never be the standard for a family lawsuit. We have another way for everyone who wishes to avoid the expensive and lengthy litigation process. With the help of a Connecticut collaborative divorce attorney, separating couples can work together to resolve issues without the court’s intervention.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work, And Why Should You Consider It?

The primary goal of a collaborative divorce case is to help a family quickly transition into a different structure. It is especially critical when you have minor children from your marriage. The couple can still function to support one another and offer the comfort of a family but in a new setting. Even adult kids appreciate knowing they can have both parents for their major life events without feeling any tension that often follows a traditional divorce case.

A Connecticut collaborative divorce attorney will use a team approach to help resolve any issues without the intervention of a court. The team generally consists of the spouses and their trained collaborative divorce attorneys. A neutral specialist will be brought in to help you and your ex understand all your options and make decisions together based on their professional guidance.

A neutral financial expert will help you understand your financial picture, including debts, assets, cash flow, and projections for your future. The financial neutral will review budgets and itemize the needs of each spouse and the needs of the kids so each party understands the best way to allocate the family’s financial resources.

A divorce coach will help you with the emotional aspect of the process. They will help you and your ex think logically and become centered. They will help you put on your business hat, calm down, and make sound decisions for your future.

A professional child specialist can help both parents understand the importance of supporting the child’s relationship with the other parent. It includes creating a parenting plan that primarily focuses on the kids’ needs.

Role of A Professional Collaborative Divorce Attorney

A Connecticut divorce lawyer will help their clients understand their rights and responsibilities while also helping them develop options and solutions specific to their family’s unique needs.

At the start of the collaborative divorce process, you and your ex-spouse must agree to transparency and full disclosure. You must also agree not to go to court to resolve your differences. The final agreement (often referred to as the Judgement) is filed with the court and is fully enforceable as a court order.

Collaborative divorce works because it’s designed to allow both parties to come out of a divorce without tearing each other down in court. It works because it prioritizes the relationship of the parents with their kids. It works because a collaborative divorce helps you keep your divorce case private. The primary goal of a collaborative divorce case is to meet the individual needs of both parties and allow them to come out of their divorce without any bitterness or harsh feelings that often come from taking matters to court.

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