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Glastonbury Divorce Arbitration AttorneyIf you and your spouse are considering divorce, you may have encountered divorce arbitration. It’s a process where you work with a neutral third party who helps make a decision based on the evidence and cases presented. Though arbitration and mediation might seem quick and similar initially, they are two completely different processes. Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that has a hearing process far more formal than mediation. It allows for witnesses to be questioned and admissible evidence to be presented. Depending on the nature of your case, your hearing can occur in a formal court or a more informal setting. Let’s see how arbitration works and if working with a professional Glastonbury divorce arbitration attorney is the right choice for you.

Arbitration would make the right choice for you if:

  • You and your ex struggle to communicate with each other
  • You have not been successful with other forms of dispute-resolution methods
  • You wish to avoid litigation
  • Your divorce case has been marked by significant animosity and conflict

What To Expect From Divorce Arbitration

Arbitration begins when you and your ex mutually decide to work with a private arbitrator to handle any disputes in your divorce. Here, you and your ex-partner can agree to give the arbitrator authority to make decisions a judge would make and agree to abide by their decision. Arbitration allows separating couples to skim the formal court process while still reaching a fair and just decision. Many couples generally resort to divorce arbitration after trying and failing at mediation.

Unlike mediation, arbitration will always result in reaching an end decision for your case. In arbitration, both you and your ex (and your Connecticut divorce arbitration attorney) must present your arguments to an arbitrator, who then provides a legally binding decision depending on what you present. Generally, the couple cannot appeal the arbitrator’s decision and must abide by whatever terms they set.

However, you must note that your arbitrator will only give decisions based on issues you and your ex agree to discuss. For instance, if your primary concern is child support, the arbitrator will refrain from involving themselves and ruling separately over the division of assets. They will only rule over what you mutually agree for them to decide.

How Can An Attorney Help?

When you work with a professional attorney, they recommend who you can hire as a private arbitrator. Usually, an arbitrator would be a private Glastonbury divorce arbitration attorney or a retired judge unrelated to you or your ex. The primary objective is to find someone with enough legal knowledge and expertise to make an unbiased decision.

If you have a lawyer, they can help you prepare formal arguments for your case. They can quickly lay out all relevant facts that help highlight your side of the dispute. They will also collect any evidence they believe could be appropriate for your arbitrator to see. The arbitrator will review this evidence and arguments to make a final decision.

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Arbitration is an efficient way to end any lingering issues in your divorce without going through the tiring court process. While it does require you and your ex to agree to the decision, in the end, it will be a quicker and more affordable way to reach a conclusion that benefits you both. If you have any arbitration-related questions or would like to start your process, call our CT Mediation Center team for more information. Our professionals have years of legal knowledge and expertise to guide you in the right direction. Moreover, we have all the experience you need to glide through the arbitration process quickly.