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It is never easy to decide whether you wish to end your marriage or whether you have been together for several years or a few years. Once a married couple separates, they must figure out the best way to end their union and sort out all the parental and financial issues. One way you can get a divorce is via litigation, which can be costly and protracted. Another way to get a divorce that’s growing in popularity is working with a professional New Haven mediation lawyer at the CT Mediation Center, LLC. Once you separate, there are several problems you and your ex must address, including financial support, how to take care of your kids, and how you plan on dividing your assets. Reaching an agreement outside the courtroom can benefit families in several ways:

  • It can help you save time and money
  • It offers much more control over the outcome so that it can be customized based on your family’s needs
  • It enables a smoother transition to the next phase of your life

Why Choose To Meditate?

We believe mediation is a much more adaptive process than litigation since it allows both parties to custom design a formal resolution that meets their family’s unique needs and wants. Since both parties directly communicate, you can quickly identify areas of agreement. Mediation can help focus on providing options to resolve the primary issues in dispute. The mediation process also tends to move much faster than other routes to settlement.

The rising trend toward mediation and working it out outside the court is advantageous for all couples with children. Letting a judge decide your and your kid’s future is not the best way.

How Does Mediation Work?

Generally, mediation tends to involve two steps:

Step One: A professional mediator will help you and your ex agree on the problems arising from your divorce. The terms you and your spouse agree to are set out by a New Haven mediation lawyer in a document called MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

Step Two: Once your MOU is created, both parties should have it professionally reviewed by a lawyer. The lawyer will offer you independent legal advice and a formal legal opinion on the terms of your agreement. If everything goes smoothly, both parties’ lawyers will use the Memorandum of Understanding to create a final separation agreement.

Its critical to point out that the attorney you choose to help you with independent legal advice must be supportive of the mediation process, or else any progress you make in your negotiations could go off track.

Is Mediation The Right Choice For You?

Mediation is not necessarily appropriate in all circumstances. Ideally, it requires both parties’ commitment, willingness, and honesty to work together and resolve differences. If one spouse is on board, but the other party is using mediation to hide their assets or negotiate a deal in bad faith, it can be very difficult or unlikely to reach a successful outcome.

Another essential factor you should consider before mediation is if there is a power imbalance in your relationship. Some individuals view mediation as a way of manipulating their ex into accepting an unreasonable and unfair settlement by appearing cooperative.

A New Haven divorce mediation lawyer will look at the underlying dynamics of the relationship when they first meet a couple. It includes looking for any signs of domestic violence and other kinds of abuse that may impede the ability to reach a fair agreement. Moreover, if one party has untreated or undiagnosed mental health issues, mediation may not be your best choice.

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At CT Mediation Center, all our attorneys are dedicated to couples ending their marriages with integrity, honesty, and reason. Our attorneys help divorce couples reach construction divorce settlements by avoiding litigation’s financial and emotional toll. With our help, you can skip out on litigation’s financial and emotional toll. If you want to find out more about mediation or would like to book an appointment, you can always reach out to our New Haven mediation lawyer whenever you see fit.