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New Haven Divorce Mediation AttorneyThere is no one way to go about a divorce in New Haven. Each divorce case is as unique as the marriage. At CT Mediation Center, our New Haven collaborative divorce lawyer can help you make your divorce a process by which there is some room for financial independence, shared parenting, and the willingness and ability to start as newly single. If a level of peace is the primary goal in your separation, you may be wondering about all the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative divorce. Our attorneys will answer all the commonly asked questions about collaborative divorce and help you determine the best options for you and your family.

Collaborative Divorce Is Different

Collaborative divorce is a way in which the divorcing parties can agree to the terms of their divorce without judicial intervention. Since each party has a say in the final agreement, it’s much easier for both sides to prioritize their primary objectives and work toward a mutually satisfactory solution.

A collaborative divorce isn’t ‘adversarial,’ meaning the divorcing couple will not be arguing their point before a judge to win the case. Instead, each individual will get to retain their own New Haven collaborative divorce lawyer to represent them during their negotiations. If both spouses agree, each side can also hire a professional financial advisor, divorce coach, and other professionals as needed to improve the process and help in the transition for the entire family.

Is A Collaborative Divorce Appropriate For You?

A collaborative divorce case requires both parties to be willing and able to reach common ground. Since their personal New Haven collaborative divorce attorney represents each side, you don’t have to be an experienced negotiator or have knowledge about the legal format. However, you must have the ability and willingness to have peaceful discussions centered around the attainable goals of each party.

A collaborative divorce is perfect for all couples who want to save money by avoiding the hefty cost of litigation, having a relationship after separation, or in cases where both spouses can agree on a majority of problems in divorce, such as spousal support, property division, and child custody.

When Is A Collaborative Divorce Not Appropriate?

Collaborative divorce often requires a certain amount of trust and cooperation. If you feel your spouse may be hiding some assets, a collaborative divorce might not be appropriate. In situations that involve domestic abuse, collaborative divorce would not be the right choice. And if some issues take priority and are non-negotiable, we may recommend a more traditional approach to divorce.

Have More Questions? Call our New Haven Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Today

Since all divorce cases are unique, no one rule defines which approach is the best. For instance, you might wonder how to know if your spouse is being sincere regarding finances. At CT Mediation Center, all our attorneys are experienced litigators and mediators familiar with the different aspects of a collaborative divorce. If you plan on applying for a collaborative divorce, contact our office to discuss your current situation and legal options.