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Connecticut Custody Arbitration LawyerIf you and your ex wish to resolve your case outside the courtroom, it’s best if you consider arbitration with one of our Connecticut custody arbitration lawyers. Though it’s quite similar to a court case, here you and your ex get to mutually select an arbitrator to help address contested issues in your case. Your arbitrator can be anyone who practices family law and has tons of experience in the field. It can also be a retired judge or someone else you and your ex-spouse mutually select. The primary role of an arbitrator is to hear all contested issues and help you reach a fair decision for everyone involved.

The Role of Arbitration in Effective Dispute Resolution

At CT Mediation Center, we have conducted arbitrations and participated as Connecticut custody arbitration lawyers representing a party. Arbitration is a lot like court since you will have someone else besides yourself and your ex-spouse making decisions about your case. However, these sessions are generally more informal and are usually held in a private conference room.

After listening to both parties and considering the evidence they provide, an arbitrator will reach a final decision. Custody is generally not pursued via arbitration since a court can easily void an arbitration ruling if it fails to serve the child’s best interest. However, if you wish to reach a fair decision for your child’s custody, ensure you have a professional Connecticut custody arbitration lawyer by your side. There are a lot of advantages of arbitration that most people don’t know about. These include:

Privacy: The details of your arbitration hearings will not be available to anyone who isn’t directly involved.

Control: You and your ex-spouse can select your Connecticut custody arbitration lawyer and arbitrator, leaving the decision to someone you can trust.

Efficiency: Unlike a traditional court case, arbitration hearings ideally last a day. You will not have to worry about scheduling your life around crowded court calendars.

Savings: Arbitration generally costs a lot less than going to trial.

Selecting The Right Arbitrator

So, arbitrations are great if you wish faster results in your case, especially if your personal issues are not significantly complex. However, the arbitral skills and qualifications of your arbitrator can considerably impact the conduct, decision, and implementation of your arbitration.

The process of appointing an arbitrator is critical to the outcome of your case. The parties and their Connecticut custody arbitration lawyers must spend considerable time and resources to find the best arbitrator. You need to consider several distinct factors, including their availability, technical expertise, professional experience, education, and nationality.


Since arbitrators must devote their time to conduct the case efficiently, meticulously, and quickly within the time limits, you must look into the availability of your desired arbitrators. The limited availability of arbitrators is one of the factors that can make your arbitration inefficient.


Nationality is also critical when finalizing an arbitrator for your case. Arbitral institutions direct that in cases where parties belong to different nationalities, their arbitrator cannot belong to the same nationality as the parties involved. The primary reason why it’s important to exclude such arbitrators is to avoid any bias and reach a fair and just decision.

Knowledge and expertise

If you want your arbitration to be successful, it’s essential to work with a decision-maker with enough expertise to reflect the nature of your dispute. You must ensure your arbitrator knows varied bodies of law if you want to find someone capable and efficient.

Remember, arbitration (alternative dispute resolution mechanism) is not a replacement for litigation. It was originally introduced to make the traditional court system work more effectively and efficiently. Since the backlog of cases is a huge problem in the traditional judicial system, arbitration is easier and quicker for dispute resolution. As long as your arbitrator possesses the characteristics mentioned above, your case will be off to a promising start. Contact CT Mediation Center for more information.

CT Mediation Center Can Answer All Your Questions Related To Arbitration

If you have any questions, queries, or concerns about arbitration, don’t hesitate to contact our CT Mediation Center experts for clarity. Our team has helped several couples with their arbitration cases and can use that experience to guide you toward success. Moreover, our understanding of the law and the process also ensures you reach a fair decision promptly. Call us for more information.