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Connecticut Parenting Mediation AttorneyComing up with an effective parenting plan is one of the many examples of what our Connecticut parenting mediation attorney can help you accomplish. Mediating this process can enable you to get creative when working out an effective parenting arrangement.

What Do You Mean By Parenting Plan Mediation?

If you and your ex-spouse have kids, a critical part of the divorce is determining how you must divide your parental responsibilities. Some vital issues you must consider with your kids are:

  • Allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Visitation and custody
  • Child support
  • Preferred method of communication between parents regarding important parenting decisions

Most of the time, both spouses wish to be involved in their child’s life. To define how all this will work, you and your ex must create a parenting plan. A professional Connecticut parenting mediation attorney can help you determine how you and your ex can best provide for your child’s needs. They will also help ensure parents stay involved in their child’s life.

There are two different ways you can create a parenting plan. The first way to come up with a parenting plan is litigation. In this, a professional judge will determine all the critical points of the parenting agreement. Remember, a judge doesn’t know you and will have limited information on which they will base their decisions. This option often leaves one or both parties in a situation where they feel the outcome is not satisfactory for their needs.

The other way you can work out your parenting plan is by hiring a Connecticut custody mediation attorney. They will allow both parties to sit down and discuss all the issues that are critical to them in their agreement. You, as a parent, will have a say in specifying crucial details like child support and custody instead of the court. You will also be able to develop a flexible parenting plan that helps you and your ex manage your work and personal schedules with your parenting responsibilities.

Mediation Comes With A Lot Of Benefits!

An experienced Connecticut parenting mediation attorney can get both parties to focus on finding the most advantageous schedule for the kids. It will help make the transition smoother for the parents and the child. Below are some of the most common advantages of choosing mediation:

  • It provides for a more stable, healthier post-divorce life
  • Enables both parents to identify and resolve any potential issues before finalizing the agreement
  • It helps keep all critical decisions about the children in the hands of the parents. This is always good since they are the ones who understand the wants and needs of their children better than a court.
  • It offers you a peaceful way to resolve an emotional and contentious situation.
  • You can work out an effective parenting plan much more quickly without spending much money.

A Connecticut parenting mediation attorney will give you and your ex-spouse the to come together in a non-conflict, private environment to resolve any issues related to your parenting agreement. As compared to negotiating by themselves or vial litigation, chances are that a mutually acceptable plan will offer much greater satisfaction for both parents via mediation.

Remember, a conflict between parents when creating a parenting plan can only mean one thing: a poor outcome for the children. Consider adversarial options like litigation as a last resort in cases that involve children. If you have any questions or queries related to mediation, our team from CT Mediation Center can help!

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The professionals from CT Mediation Center have several years of experience in the field and can help you and your partner reach a mutually agreeable decision in no time. We will also ensure your parenting agreement is in your child’s best interest and the divorce doesn’t negatively impact it. Call us for more information.