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Connecticut Custody Mediation AttorneyIn most instances, getting a divorce can be quite a painful process which can become even more complicated when kids are involved. Fighting over custody problems in a public court can have a harmful effect on your child. Fortunately, there is a way you and your partner can reach a mutual agreement in private somewhere other than in court. A professional Connecticut custody mediation attorney can help couples who can’t seem to agree but don’t wish to take on a court battle’s emotional and financial costs.

Mediation is a method of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) that’s become a common practice in family law. Child custody mediation is designed to help unmarried or divorcing parents reach an agreement on physical and legal custody of their kids without the expense and trauma of a traditional court case.

In a mediation session, both parties will sit with a professional Connecticut custody mediation attorney in an informal setting and navigate the custody issues they disagree on together. Unlike a judge, the mediator will not take any decisions on the disputed subjects. Instead, they will use their skill and knowledge to try and help spouses decide that both can live with.

How to Prepare

Firstly, you must remember that custody mediation is not about the parents. It’s about the kids. It would help if you committed to doing whatever is in their best interest, and that starts with you being prepared. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your mediation session.

Get All the Sleep You Need

Child custody mediation can be a little stressful. It can help you stay calm and think clearly. Ensure you take care of yourself and get good rest the night before.

Try To Keep An Open Mind

It would be best if you remembered it’s not about you getting everything you want. The other party might have a different perspective on what Is best for their child. You should try and understand where your ex-spouse is coming from rather than immediately digging in. Your Connecticut parenting mediation attorney can also have suggestions for parenting time and custody that you or the other parent might not have thought of.

Write Out A Proposal

We suggest you write down what you believe would be the best parenting time and custody arrangement. Writing down a plan will help you organize your thoughts. It will also provide a starting point for your discussion. Remember to include things like:

  • How do you wish to share the cost involved in travel (if both parents live far away from each other)
  • How to manage transitions, meaning pick-up and drop-off of the kids when it’s time for them to meet the other parent.
  • How to manage all critical holidays throughout the year
  • Vacation sharing for summer and school breaks
  • The best way to deal with minor schedule changes, like when a parent or child is sick.
  • An ideal way you wild like to communicate with the other parent.

Mediation has become a trendy way for couples to settle legal issues. If you have difficulty dealing with child custody or don’t wish to take the extended and expensive litigation route, we suggest you contact CT Mediation Center immediately!

CT Mediation Center Can Help You With All Your Custody-Related Issues!

At CT Mediation Center, we have years of knowledge and experience helping people develop an ideal parenting plan for their children. If you and your ex-partner have difficulty agreeing on your child custody-related issues, we can help. Our team can assist you and your ex-partner make sound decisions that are in your child’s best interest. With our help and guidance, you can easily reach a fair decision. Call us for more information regarding the same.