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Child Custody Mediation Lawyer Madison, CTMany separating parents often practice divorce mediation to help settle their situation and diminish any chances of a fight. The process of child custody mediation allows parents to work together toward forming an ideal parenting plan for their kids after separation with the help of a neutral third body. Using a Madison, CT custody mediation attorney enables both parents to work together and devise a parenting plan that is acceptable to both parties. This parenting plan can be precisely structured to address the day-to-day timeshare of the kids, as well as plans for holidays, vacations, and other special matters of the family.

By collectively striving toward building a custom parenting plan for your children, you can skip the courtroom fights that can be damaging in an adversarial manner. Moreover, mediation also allows you to add your children to the decision-making process.

During mediation, when you produce a parenting plan, your kids will be strong enough to avoid loyalty disputes and are far less likely to consider the pressure of conflicts between you and your ex-partner.

Involving your kids in the decision-making process will give them a chance to reveal their emotions. A Madison, CT custody mediation attorney offers your kids a say in their lives and gives them the liberty to engage in the decision-making that will influence their future.

How Does Custody Mediation Work?

In the mediation process, you and your former companion (and your respective Madison, CT mediation lawyer) will meet with a professional mediator. The mediator will act as a neutral third party and is not there to make decisions. They will help you reach mutually agreeable solutions. The process of mediation generally works like this:

The Initial Meeting

You and your ex, along with your Madison, CT custody mediation attorneys, will meet with the mediator together (or separately), who will explain the entire process. They will also tell you about the ground rules of your upcoming discussions. You will have to keep all or most of the talks confidential and cannot use anything said during the mediation later if your case goes to court.

Identifying The Issues

In this phase, you and your ex-partner will determine all primary matters of concern, which will most likely include the custody and visitation schedule. It also includes how you and your ex will communicate with one another, how you plan on managing vacations and holidays, and other issues like religious indulgence, education, extracurricular activities, health care, etc.

Discussing Resolutions

After successfully identifying and addressing all primary concerns, it is time for you to discuss them in detail and devise an ideal solution. It is best to approach this step with an open mind and be willing to negotiate specific details to get what you want.

The Signing Of the Agreement

Once you resolve all your custody-related issues, your Madison, CT custody mediation attorney will prepare a custody agreement for you and your ex to sign. Ensure you review this document carefully before signing.

Working through child custody-related issues can be a little complicated. Still, mediation will allow you to avoid litigation, giving you and the other parent greater control over the process.

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As parents, you know what’s best for your child. If you have any doubts, queries, or concerns about custody mediation, feel free to contact the CT Mediation Center team for better clarity. We have years of experience dealing with various mediation cases and can give you professional insight on the subject. Call us to find out how mediation can help raise your kids just as you want.