Co-Mediation – Child Custody, Visitation,  Access, and Support for Children

For families with various levels of conflict stemming from parenting access, visitation with the children, child support, or child-related expenses, the co-mediation model is an efficient and effective process for avoiding the Court System.

How Does the Co-Mediation process work:

  • The steps in a typical co-mediation consist of a series of meetings (usually 2 hours each meeting) with the divorce mediators.
  • At the first meeting, the mediation team will describe the process of mediation. The mediators will draft all the necessary paperwork with the Court on your behalf.
  • Your child custody mediators will then help you pinpoint and gather all the necessary information needed to create a parenting plan and any support-related or financial information needed for the Court.
  • In the last few steps, the mediators will guide you in understanding your own needs and the needs and best interests of your children, in a safe, non-confrontational environment. The mediator controls the process, you control the decision-making. Once all issues are resolved, your legal agreement is drafted and forwarded to the Court for approval.
  • Your Final Agreement is officially made an enforceable Court Order.

Co-Mediation Explained:

  • Male and female mediation teams have been shown to provide fairer and more balanced agreements in less time and with less overall cost.
  • A gender-neutral team comprised of a family law attorney and a neutral parenting mediator professional takes advantage of the professional strengths of 2 disciplines important to the divorce process and the legal and psychological complexities of such matters.
  • In addition, the male and female team provides a gender-neutral model and a good role model interchange for the parents.
  • The co-mediation, gender-neutral team is an added protection against errors, oversight, and omissions and assurance that different voices will be fully heard and that different perspectives will be understood and restated.

Benefits of Co-Mediation:

  • Enhanced expertise, insights, and listening capacity of mediation team who possess diverse backgrounds and professions.
  • Increase patience, perseverance, and listening accuracy by sharing in the responsibility;
  • Create balance on the mediation team due to gender, background, and profession;
  • Multiply the linkages that different parties can develop with the mediators, increasing the stamina and tolerance of the parties who are given a second voice and perspective;
  • Make mediation overall more efficient by a division of tasks among mediators.
  • One place to finalize all your decisions and make your agreement an Enforceable Court Order.
  • No trips to the Court.

Cost Efficient, Time Efficient…. Efficient in time, legal fees, and emotional turmoil.