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Whether you have an employment dispute, a contract disagreement, a construction problem, tort or negligence matter, at CT Mediation Center we have the training, practical and professional knowledge, and experience to help you get your life and business back under control.

With over 10 years of experience mediating civil, business, and contract disputes we bring your conflict to resolution through successful settlement negotiations.

  • Our business mediators understand civil disputes. We understand the issues, concerns, and conflicts specific to businesses.
  • Our business mediators provide a confidential, structured, and congenial setting to explore all possibilities and options for reaching mutual settlements of business disputes.
  • Our business mediators work creatively with attorneys, unrepresented clients, and insurance companies to keep the negotiation environment flexible and congenial.
  • Our business mediators utilize either joint sessions or private caucuses. We utilize various brainstorming techniques to bring all ideas and potential solutions to the table without rancor or judgment.

Benefits of Utilizing Mediation to Resolve Your Civil Dispute

You control the outcome when mediating a civil dispute.

As mediators, we do not render decisions and have no power to force the parties to settle. As mediators, our job is to understand each party’s position, see where they have common ground, and find potential for narrowing the conflict gap. In litigation, once parties go too far the conflict gap just becomes wider and wider. In mediation, the focus is to create a safety zone where both parties can reach mutual ground. This helps all concerned focus on interests and solutions rather than adversarial positions and legal arguments.

Mediation reduces disruption.

Litigation is disruptive. It costs time, energy, and money. It interrupts cash flow and often can reduce options for reinvestment and expansion. Similarly, businesses are discovering that arbitration, another alternative to litigation, has become as expensive and time-consuming as litigation. Business leaders know there are better ways to use financial and other resources than to spend them on a lawsuit. Reaching a decision through mediation reduces the disruption associated with litigation.

Mediation provides certainty of the outcome.

Litigation brings with it many uncertainties that affect the business. Companies typically prefer to invest their dollars where they can maximize their profits rather than expend considerable time and costs for the uncertain outcomes inherent in civil litigation. Business and civil mediation provides certainty because you retain control of the outcome. In Mediation, you handle disputes quickly and effectively, and retain the ultimate decision-making power. You control the settlement.

Mediation encourages innovation and self-determination.

If parties can start mediation early in the business conflict, as the conflictual gap is narrowed, both parties can avoid expending time and money which only serves to make parties more determined to keep their adversarial positions and miss the chance to explore intelligent and responsible solutions to their dispute.

Confidentiality is preserved.

Most businesses prefer to keep internal matters private. Mediation allows companies in dispute to keep the confidence of their customers while resolving differences in the business arena privately, civilly, and with integrity. Mediation is the only venue where all documents and information exchanged are strictly confidential and private. It is not uncommon for all the parties (and the mediator) to sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements in order to preserve sensitive information.

Relationships are preserved and maintained through civil mediation.

Business relationships are often irretrievably damaged in contentious litigation cases even when parties settle on the eve of trial. Early resolution places the parties in the position of crafting their best solutions and reducing the animosity that prolonged litigation creates.

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