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Divorce can be essential to the happiness and functionality of your life, providing the opportunity to improve the quality of life for your entire family. There are a lot of components to a divorce, and it can be overwhelming when attempting to resolve each of the issues involved without a third party. At CT Mediation Center in Glastonbury, we believe that there is a way to maintain peace while coordinating a constructive divorce without requiring litigation and court intervention. When both parties are open and honest with each other and remember to place value on their integrity, we can help you bring your relationship to a peaceful, effective and less expensive manner.

The Mediation Process

A divorce mediator controls the process of a divorce, but the decision-making and agreement is determined by the two parties who are divorcing. At CT Mediation Center, we offer online and in person appointments for mediation. In essence, divorce mediation is the process of coming to an agreement based on honesty and integrity between the two people in the relationship, and finding a fair resolution to the complex issues that accompany divorce, including agreements, assets, custody, or child support. Alongside the decreased stress associated with separation, mediation is a more affordable alternative to litigation or court intervention. With your spouse and your attorney mediator, teamwork and collaboration allows for a more seamless experience in your divorce. In Glastonbury, and the state of Connecticut, divorce mediation is required in family courts before a trial is set.

If you are going through a divorce, the first step in the mediation process is the initial meeting between the mediation attorney, your spouse, and yourself. Obviously, this is critical to finding a common ground between the two of you and allowing for the mediator to conceptually grasp the situation. The mediator will work with you to determine which issues are the most pertinent and in need of resolution, and what your standing is on each of them as well. The three of you will make a list of what needs to be addressed and in what order. In this process, the mediator will begin to assemble the necessary paperwork and data relevant to the situation and prepare it for the court.

The next step in the mediation process is focused on gathering the financial data in you and your spouse’s history, and making informed decisions about your finances. In this step of the process, transparency is incredibly important. After reviewing the financial information, which can include appraisals, bank statements, retirement accounts, debt, and other holdings, the mediation’s focus is shifted to be centered on meeting the needs of both parties. Agreements will be made in regards to finances and how the two of you will co-parent any children you might have.

The final step in the process is where the divorce mediator assists you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the needs of your spouse and children (if you have any). Legal statements will be drafted for the family court, where your agreement will be legitimately enforceable. If, for whatever reason throughout the process, an informed decision is not able to be made by one or both individuals getting divorced, then the mediator can arrange a meeting with a pretrial judge who can provide additional counseling.

Collaborative Divorce in Glastonbury

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of divorce, you may wonder “is it worth it getting a divorce lawyer?” Whether you are separating peacefully or working through a court battle, a divorce attorney can help keep things going as smoothly as possible. As a relatively new method for divorce, our collaborative divorce service allows for you and your spouse to operate separately under the supervision and assistance of a divorce attorney, but still avoid court or the litigation process. This is a non-combative approach that is still centered on integrity, and is designed to allow for negation that is fair to avoid any conflict that might result from a more traditional mediation process.

Collaborative divorce still requires the participants to be transparent in their actions, and be willing to share all information, including financial records of all varieties, to allow for each party member to make informed decisions with the counsel of their divorce attorney. At the end of the process, it is typical for couples that use the collaborative divorce process to suffer less of a monetary strain than in traditional divorce.

Custody of Children in Divorce

In the history of divorce, there have been countless stories of how traumatic divorce can be for the children of the separating parents. Some research in the 1980s and 90s was focused on investigating the result of parental separation on a child’s mental fortitude. Unfortunately, the resulting statistics are not always encouraging. In many cases, this trauma is not completely necessary, and could have been avoided if the divorce was approached with integrity, honesty, and a desire for the betterment of all parties involved.

To reduce the negative impacts of divorce on your child, there are some important things to consider. There is a stigma in the world today that many couples are staying together for the sake of the children, fearing disruption of their children’s lives. In reality, it is better to take the time to walk through the mediation process with the mental and emotional aspects of your children in the forefront of your mind than it is to foster an unhealthy relationship. For one, you are setting a better example for your child by using your maturity to find a mutually beneficial solution to the issues in your marriage. In this way, by honestly communicating with your children as well as your spouse, you are setting your children up for success in their own future interpersonal affairs, even at a smaller scale and younger age. Our mediation attorneys can assist you in effectively redirecting your focus from yourself to your children, and counsel you in your custody and child support agreements. The final decision is left to the family judge.

If the situation for your spouse and yourself involves co-parenting, it is essential for you to review and understand strategies to reduce the impact on your children. At CT Mediation center, we have a team of parenting coordinators (or custody mediators) who spend their time with you helping you learn the parenting skills you need to be successful on your own once the separation has been completed.

Is a Family Law Attorney Your Next Step?

With this information, it is up to you and your partner to determine the best plan of action to move forward with your separation. At the end of the day, it is important for everyone involved to be able to embrace their honesty and communicate openly throughout the process. Divorce may not be pretty, but our services can help make your divorce as quick and painless as possible, minimizing unnecessary harm to you, your spouse, or your families’ constitution. Divorce has many components, and hiring a divorce attorney for mediation, collaborative divorce, or counseling can be essential to the process. To learn more, call today or schedule a consultation.

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