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Westport Custody Arbitration LawyerWhen getting a divorce, there is nothing more complex and emotionally daunting than resolving your concerns related to child custody and parenting time. However, did you know there are multiple options that you can choose from when trying to resolve child custody issues? These include mediation, litigation, and arbitration. While mediation and arbitration might sound the same initially, they are two completely different routes! Our Westport custody arbitration lawyers can help guide you through your options.

How Is Arbitration Different From Mediation?

Mediation generally involves you and your ex working with a third-party mediator who will help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation is generally less expensive and less aggressive than litigation. It allows you to have more control over the outcome and focus on the needs and wants of your kids rather than on their individual interests.

Arbitration is also quite like mediation since it’s an alternative to traditional court proceedings. However, you must work with a Westport custody arbitration lawyer rather than having a mediator to make a binding decision regarding your child custody arrangements. This option is a little more expensive than mediation, but it allows you to find a resolution quicker than going through the traditional litigation system.

Arbitration: How Does It Work?

In arbitration, you and your ex will mutually hire a neutral third party (generally a retired judge or a Westport custody arbitration lawyer) who considers all statements and evidence before making a final decision. Just like a court decision, the decision made by your arbitrator will also become legally binding if neither party objects.

Unlike a traditional courtroom trial, arbitration is much less formal, quicker, and easier. An arbitration hearing can take place in a private setting (like a conference room) on a date that best fits your schedule. You and your spouse can agree to use arbitration in postnuptial and prenuptial agreements or during your separation and settlement agreements. Any agreement to use arbitration for your child custody or any other family law issues must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Resolving Child Custody Using Arbitration

When meeting with a Westport custody arbitration lawyer, you will discuss your wishes for your kids and what you wish to achieve in your child custody dispute. Your legal representative will then present arguments to the arbitrator and ask which child custody arrangement they believe is the best. Your spouse and their lawyer will likely do the same.

Based on your and your spouse’s arguments, the arbitrator will decide which child custody arrangement they believe would work the best. A Westport divorce arbitration attorney can help decide child support and custody disputes as long as both spouses agree. However, you must remember that the court can always undo a decision affecting child custody or support if a judge is convinced it is not in the child’s best interest.

Who Should Consider Arbitration?

A lot of families use arbitration to help resolve their disputes. It would be best to include an arbitration provision in your agreement if:

  • You prefer a more informal and private dispute resolution over a formal courtroom setting.
  • You and your spouse are comfortable using arbitration to find a resolution.
  • You have issues regarding child custody or separation that you wish to resolve.
  • You are concerned about the costs associated with traditional litigation.
  • You wish to move quickly on the child support, custody, or property settlement issues.

If you wish to include an arbitration provision in your postnuptial, prenuptial, settlement, or separation agreement, speak with an attorney today! A knowledgeable attorney from CT Mediation Center can help prepare the right language for your agreement following the local arbitration and family law.

Allow CT Mediation Center To Assist You!

If you have decided to proceed with your divorce and wish to reach an agreement on child support and custody quickly, you should consider arbitration. Our Westport custody arbitration lawyers from CT Mediation Center have decades of combined experience arguing for child custody in arbitration. They can easily handle your case with the care it deserves. Feel free to schedule an appointment with our attorneys, who will discuss your preferences and help create a strategy to achieve your desired outcome. Call us at 860-986-1141 for more information.