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Westport Divorce Arbitration AttorneyDivorce arbitration is a form of dispute resolution that the law formally recognizes as an effective alternative to traditional litigation. Given the severe backlog in the court system and the difficulty couples face in obtaining convenient hearing dates and receiving timely decisions, more separated couples are now turning to arbitration to find a resolution. As certified Westport divorce arbitration attorneys, today we will help define arbitration and why it might be the right choice for you.

Arbitration: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Whenever we discuss arbitration, many people ask how it differs from mediation. While mediation also involves hiring a neutral third party to facilitate and encourage a resolution, arbitration is more like litigation on an expedited basis. In simpler terms, towards the conclusion of your arbitration hearing, your Westport divorce arbitration attorney will render a decision (also known as an award) just like a judge would after hearing your case.

When looking for a suitable arbitrator, we always suggest you hire an attorney (family law) certified as a professional divorce arbitrator by the law. Try to avoid working with a judge with limited or perhaps no experience in family law before their appointment to the bench. All our Westport divorce arbitration attorneys from CT Mediation Center have spent years handling divorce cases and can quickly guide you and your ex toward dispute resolution.

However, to do that, you and your ex must determine all issues you wish to arbitrate. Remember, an arbitrator will only pass judgment over the problems you and your ex-spouse approve. Once your arbitration hearing commences, you can bring forth witnesses and submit documents as evidence to prove your side of the story. After hearing both sides and considering the evidence provided, the arbitrator renders a decision (usually within 30 days).

Why Would Arbitration Be The Right Choice For You?

Arbitration is probably the best choice if your issues are simple and you are looking for quick results. In addition to being fast, here are a few more reasons why arbitration could be your best pick.


One of the biggest reasons couples are drawn towards arbitration is that it offers privacy. Though the documents you submit to the court will still be on public record, the actual hearing of your case will not be public (like it is during a trial). It will be just you, your ex-spouse, your representation (if any), and the arbitrator. With arbitration, you do not need to publicly air your home’s dirty laundry.

Cost and Speed

Though arbitration is still expensive, it generally costs much less than court. A critical reason why it costs less is that it’s often much faster than a traditional trial. The process doesn’t take long, and with different (less strict) rules and regulations, Connecticut divorce arbitration attorneys don’t have to spend much time in prep.


It can easily take weeks or even months to set a court hearing. The court rarely considers your schedule, even if you get a date and time. Arbitration, however, can quickly be scheduled at your (and your ex’s) earliest convenience.

Arbitration, as an alternative to traditional trial, is an excellent option for divorce in certain circumstances. Though there are times when it’s the perfect choice for separating couples, there are also times when another option might be preferable. Therefore, you must thoroughly explore and understand your options before making a monumental decision. If you wish to learn more about arbitration, contact our team today!

CT Mediation Center: Your Partner In Finding A Peaceful Path To Resolution

As with most legal decisions, it’s always best to consult a professional before deciding anything. Our CT Mediation Center team has years of training and experience in family law and can quickly guide you toward an effective resolution to your issues. Our experts can tell you all about the differences between litigation, arbitration, and mediation to help you make an informed decision.

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