Derek S. Green, CDFA

Senior Mediator, Parenting Coordinator

Derek S. Green is a certified professional mediator and the co-founder of CT Mediation Center a Connecticut mediation firm dedicated to serving parties or businesses in a variety of conflict situation or for businesses who are seeking mediators with first-hand knowledge of construction, contractor, general business, healthcare , public safety and employment issues.

Derek S. Green mediates a variety of civil matters ranging from employment disputes, contractor disputes, construction, healthcare and public safety conflicts. In addition, Mr. Green mediates family disputes and divorce mediation.

Prior to establishing CT Mediation Center,  Mr. Green was affiliated with St Francis Hospital, Siemens Medical Systems and General Electric. Mr. Green has also been involved with the public safety community since 1990. In addition to his role as mediator for CT Mediation Center, he is an Emergency Medical Technician and volunteer firefighter. He serves on the Board of Fire Commissioners for the town of Bolton, CT. Mr. Green is an associate with the Connecticut Bar Association and is an Arbitrator with the CT Bar Legal Fee Dispute Resolution program for the past 8 years.

Derek S. Green has received his mediation training at Harvard Law Schools’ Program of Negotiation and Mediation. He has developed a variety of contacts through the program Harvard’s Negotiation Program ranging from US government treasury Attorneys, Barristers in Great Britain, Canadian commerce officials and consulate members as well as NBA team owners. Mr. Green similarly attended the advanced mediation training with Linda Singer and Michael Lewis at the Centers for Dispute Settlement in Washington DC.

One of the primary reasons for opening the Connecticut Mediation Center was to offer various parties a better option to resolve conflict rather than the traditional adversarial litigious process. While balancing the needs of corporate clients, Mr. Green also felt the need to offer options to help minimize the collateral damage of divorce on his clients, their careers, and most importantly, on their children. He participated in the Mediation Matters program taught by Carl Schneider that focuses intensely on family separations and divorce and has used his experience to help couples close the door of the marriage gently rather than slam it shut.

Derek S. Green is a member of the Member of Connecticut Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Divisions, Member of New England Chapter of Association of Conflict Resolution, Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.

Derek S. Green serves as a volunteer EMT and Fire Fighter in the Town of Bolton, Connecticut, and Volunteer Mediator for the Connecticut Bar Association Resolution of Legal Fee Disputes Program.

Practice Areas: Construction and Civil Mediation, Business Disputes, Employment Disputes, Divorce Mediation.