Why Your Prenuptial Agreement is NOT a DIY Project

Getting married is expensive—the average couple spent $35,000 in 2014 on their wedding. With such a budget-busting number on your mind, it’s easy to start thinking in terms of shortcuts. While it’s true you can download a DIY prenuptial agreement, it’s better to save on guest mints than to scrimp on legal counsel.

Here’s how a DIY prenuptial agreement can fail most couples.

  • Their prenuptial agreement does not have enough detail. This is one time when a handshake won’t do. Likewise, the debate around the he said/she said/we promised falls flat. The entire prenuptial agreement must be in writing to be enforceable.
  • Their prenuptial agreement is not properly executed. Both parties must sign the prenuptial agreement before the wedding in order for the agreement to be considered valid.
  • One party was pressured, didn’t read it, or was not given enough time to think through the prenuptial agreement. No one, not your fiancé, family or friends, should force you to sign a prenuptial agreement. Obviously “being pressured” is hard to prove in court. Avoid this scenario by working a lawyer at CT Mediation Center.
  • The prenuptial agreement includes false or incomplete information. A prenuptial agreement is only valid when both parties fully disclose their income, assets, and liabilities. If one of you is lying, the agreement is invalid.
  • Your prenuptial agreement is inherently illegal, unconscionable, or grossly unfair. Yes, you can sign away (just about) every right under the sun. But that doesn’t make your prenuptial agreement enforceable. This isn’t a TV movie, or fear-mongering by the media, this is real life. You should never sign away all your rights to financial security. If you do, the courts are likely to think coercion and invalidate the contract.

If you would like to discuss how to prepare your prenuptial agreement, a lawyer at CT Mediation Center can help. Please contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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