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West Hartford Divorce AttorneyWhen we think about a divorce, we often imagine two attorneys battling each other in a courtroom to try and earn a win for their client. However, many couples nowadays prefer a more considerate and less aggressive approach to their separation. Our West Hartford divorce lawyer can help you every step along the way and ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

Your Kids Always Come First

A divorce can be a painful process, especially for kids. But when you choose to go for a collaborative divorce, your children will be the top priority for your West Hartford divorce lawyer. You may even hire a coach-therapist to give your children the emotional support they need and help parents understand the kids’ experience.

You Can Save Money And Time

Litigation trials can be expensive, and a complex divorce case may take years to finish. Collaborative divorce can move only as fast as the slowest party; it tends to wrap things up much quicker than a regular courtroom battle. It is not cheap, but you will save a lot on court costs, discovery, and other expenses often associated with litigation.

It’s Always A Fair Deal

One of the biggest strengths of a collaborative divorce case is that it requires full disclosure of your financial situation. Discussing marital debts and assets will be handled by a financial neutral who you hire. Such financial professionals use their expert knowledge on tax advantages and help with fair asset division. With everyone being transparent, it is much easier to reach a settlement that feels fair.

Your Privacy Stays Protected

When a divorce case goes to trial, the details of your marriage become public. All these details can be painful, disturbing, or worse for friends, business partners, children, and other innocent bystanders. However, in a collaborative divorce case, all your personal information will be kept private and out of court records which can be accessible later. A collaborative West Hartford divorce lawyer will preserve your dignity and spare your circle any embarrassment.

A Longer-Lasting Agreement

A collaborative divorce case pushes legalese to the margins and allows you to focus on all critical concerns surrounding parenting plans, finances, and other crucial topics in plain discussions. Since the experience is generally more drama-free, it can establish a solid foundation for both parties to build a workable relationship after separation. It is also great for the children and ensures that all basics of your deal will endure – even if certain things change in the future. A divorce doesn’t necessarily have to be messy and damaging and end up haunting both parties for years after it’s over. By hiring a collaborative West Hartford divorce lawyer, you can separate from your spouse in a way that allows you to move forward with your lives without any hate toward each other.

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