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West Haven Collaborative Divorce AttorneyFirst things first, start searching for an experienced West Hartford collaborative divorce lawyer like you do for any other professional. You must check with your family, friends, and professional acquaintances to try and find personal referrals. Remember that their case, personalities, size of the marital estate, and relationship tend to factor significantly into the result they received. These factors may not be the same in your case. Nevertheless, always ask your family, friends, and acquaintances for recommendations.

How to Choose the Right Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

One of the crucial steps is to conduct proper online research. If you find a few potential names as referrals, you must check them out online and read all reviews on their websites. When reviewing their online website, you must determine:

  1. If they are a board-certified family and marital law specialists recognized by your state bar association
  2. If their website has any helpful information regarding collaborative law
  3. If they have any blogs that contain information regarding how collaborative divorce works? Do they have a YouTube channel where they regularly upload videos related to collaborative divorce?

Try To Meet Your Attorney In Person

You must have a good feeling about the attorney, which generally comes from how well the lawyer listens and communicates with you in person. Referrals and online research are good beginning points to refer to. However, it often boils down to meeting your perspective West Hartford collaborative divorce lawyer in person. A critical element that helps in choosing any lawyer or professional is chemistry. After you have found a few experienced and qualified divorce lawyers in West Hartford, you can decide based on your feelings about them. If you have good chemistry and communication with a collaborative divorce lawyer, then that professional is the right person to represent you.

Things You Should Ask Your Collaborative Divorce Attorney

It is always wise to hire an experienced attorney to represent your case. When you meet a prospective West Hartford collaborative divorce lawyer, you must consider discussing the following questions:

  • How long have they been in the collaborative divorce practice?
  • How many collaborative divorce cases have they handled before?
  • Are they board-certified specialists in family and marital law?
  • How often do they get legal education in collaborative law? What last course did they participate in focused on education in a collaborative divorce?
  • Do they have a leadership position in a collaborative law group?
  • According to them, what are a few primary reasons why some divorce cases don’t settle via the collaborative divorce process?
  • Besides their initial training, how many hours of intermediate or advanced training have they received in collaborative divorce practice?

Based on how they answer these questions, you can easily decide for yourself if the professional is right for you or not. If you don’t have any referrals or want to keep your options open, you can consider hiring professionals from CT Mediation Center!

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A collaborative divorce can provide couples with a far more private, less expensive, peaceful, and faster divorce than litigation. However, to get all the advantages of collaborative divorce, you should work with a professionally trained, seasoned, and educated attorney. At CT Mediation Center, our attorneys have years of experience studying and dealing with several collaborative divorce cases. Call us to schedule a meeting with our team at your convenience.