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Madison Divorce Arbitration AttorneyWhenever a couple decides to end their union, a few conflicts might arise as a part of their divorce. Child support, property distribution, and child custody are some common issues requiring attention so that you and your ex can live in peace. However, if you wish to resolve these issues without dealing with the lengthy and costly litigation process, consider arbitration. More and more couples are now choosing alternatives like arbitration to end their marriage peacefully.

We all know that litigation generally requires multiple court dates and is a formal process where a judge decides on a dispute. With arbitration, you now have a more customized way to annul your union that’s faster, simpler, and less costly.

Filing For A Divorce Via Arbitration

Arbitration allows you to decide how informal or formal the process will be. Not to mention it offers you several benefits like confidentiality and speed. However, in many ways, arbitration retains many characteristics commonly found in litigation. Both parties must select a neutral third-party arbitrator and their respective Madison divorce arbitration attorney to prepare for a hearing. Each party can present documents, evidence, and witnesses to help prove their case.

The arbitrator will then decide on your divorce disputes and apply the law to the facts presented. You must remember that the arbitrator’s decision (in most cases) will be final and cannot be reviewed by the court. An arbitral divorce hearing can be completed within a week, with a decision within 45 days, making it very quick compared to traditional litigation.

Unlike mediation, arbitration will always end in a binding decision made by a neutral third party, generally a retired judge or a Madison, CT divorce lawyer with some family law experience. Check out the top advantages of scheduling your consultation with our divorce attorney.

Arbitration Is Much Better At Maintaining Confidentiality

One critical factor contributing to the success of arbitration is the importance of confidentiality during the process. When you work with a Madison divorce arbitration attorney, they will put a lot of care towards ensuring your privacy is protected. The law states that both parties in arbitration are duty-bound to maintain the utmost secrecy regarding the process. If you and your ex wish to keep your disagreement out of the public light, you should consider arbitration!

Divorce Arbitration Is Way Faster Than A Traditional Courtroom Divorce!

The family section of the judiciary system is usually overwhelmed with applications. It could take several years for your case to reach a final decision in a disputed divorce case. If you and your ex wish to move on with your life as soon as possible after filing a divorce, the only way to do so is by choosing arbitration. Once you and your ex settle on an arbitrator, you can quickly schedule a private hearing and find a resolution within a few days.

It Can Also Be Cost-Effective

Though some might say cost is one of the few drawbacks of arbitration, it could benefit you in some cases. Since arbitration is quicker, it can often be less expensive than litigation which could take years. When in court, it’s not uncommon for cases to be given a particular trial date that they need to prepare for and then not be heard by the court for several reasons. It can happen several times during your hearing, costing thousands of dollars lost in travel and preparation. This is never going to occur when you choose arbitration.

Alternative dispute resolution is slowly and steadily becoming the preferred way for settling disputes outside the court. Engaging the right Madison divorce arbitration attorney early in the process is critical to represent each party’s interests during the proceedings and advise between arbitration to achieve the most painless dissolution of your union. If you have any questions or want to start your arbitration process, please get in touch with CT Mediation Center for help!

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