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Madison Custody Arbitration LawyerWhile mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law are all voluntary processes that offer couples an alternative to traditional litigation, arbitration is the only dispute resolution process that involves a third-party decision-maker. In arbitration, couples work with an individual, generally a retired judge or a Madison custody arbitration lawyer, to help find a resolution to their child custody or any other disputes. The arbitrator will oversee the discovery, examine the evidence, hear testimony, and reach a final decision (also called an award).

If you and your ex are having difficulties settling your disputes, arbitration is an excellent alternative that you can consider. Unlike general court proceedings, arbitration hearings will not be on public record. These hearings ideally take place with relaxed evidentiary rules and at the convenience of both parties involved. It also allows both parties to agree to their own confidentiality terms and identify precise issues they wish to arbitrate.

Reasons That Make Arbitration A Viable Alternative!

While many confuse mediation and arbitration, they are two totally different processes. In mediation, you must agree on all issues needed to get a divorce. However, a neutral Madison custody arbitration lawyer will decide for you in arbitration. You could say that an arbitrator acts as a private judge. Let’s check out a few factors that make arbitration a preferred choice:

Keeps Your Rights Safe!

Just like going to court, arbitration also ensures you (and your ex) are treated fairly and respectfully throughout the process. You will have a fair process and a neutral person making the right decision for you without taking sides.

It’s Faster Than Going To Court

In a traditional litigation setting, both parties are at the mercy of the court’s busy schedule. If you have ever been to court, you may already know how overworked they are given their limited resources. Therefore, divorce tiles are not uncommon to be delayed for years! Arbitration should be your go-to choice to achieve a quick resolution. The process will move forward in arbitration according to you, your lawyer, and your arbitrator’s availability.

Professional Expertise Guaranteed!

The governor of your state will choose qualified lawyers to become judges for the superior court, and the Senate approves these choices. You must note that these judges can come from various backgrounds, like a contract or criminal law, before they finally become a judge. In litigation, the court will randomly assign your case to a judge, so you will not know (or guarantee) what expertise your judge will have.

However, when you choose arbitration, you and your ex can together select an arbitrator with the expertise you need. For instance, if you have child custody issues, you could hire a professional Madison custody arbitration lawyer with years of experience dealing with child custody cases. With arbitration, you will not have to worry about ending up with a less-than-knowledgeable judge.

Finally Comes Finality

One distinct advantage arbitration offers over mediation is the level of finality. In arbitration, that process will always lead to a firm decision made by your arbitrator that you are obligated to follow. On the other hand, mediation might only sometimes end in a concrete resolution. Mediators only help facilitate discussions between you and your ex. The final agreement will always depend on your and your ex’s willingness to agree. Therefore, if you seek a conclusive and binding resolution, arbitration is the right path for you.

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