Are Prenuptial Agreements a Recipe for Divorce?

Marriage is not only a public statement of a couple’s emotional commitment, but a powerful legal and economic relationship. At CT Mediation Center, we believe prenuptial agreements are a tool for money management and financial planning—not a blueprint for divorce. This is Part 2 in a series on Prenuptial Agreements.


Are prenuptial agreements a recipe for divorce?

Not necessarily. A prenuptial agreement is simply a roadmap to follow if your marriage ends in divorce. It is there to protect the rights of two people before they become an integrated whole.

While it can be a delicate conversation to have with your partner, consider it part of your long-term financial planning. A prenuptial agreement is similar to a will: you come to an agreement about how your children’s needs will be met, as well as assets, debts and liabilities—not when someone dies, but in the event of a divorce.

For many couples, having a prenuptial agreement in place before getting married actually strengthens their relationship. Why? Because the ability to talk frankly about money and property is part of a successful marriage. It’s the underpinning of good communication and better financial planning.

A prenuptial agreement also has a practical side: When times get tough a couple with a prenuptial agreement focuses on solving problems, not fretfully dividing yours/mine/ours.

Once the prenuptial agreement is in place, you can set it and forget it. Go on with your lives knowing that you are protected should the need arise.

If you are interested in having a prenuptial agreement, but are uneasy about raising the conversation with your partner, a lawyer at CT Mediation can help. We understand this is a sensitive topic and are well-skilled at helping couples understand that a prenuptial agreement is about preserving the strength of your marriage, not undermining it.

Already married? It’s not too late. The lawyers at CT Mediation Center can also help you write a postnuptial agreement. Contact us today.

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