Online Mediation

What is Virtual or Online Mediation?

Virtual or Online Mediation is a process by which parties can settle their issues and disputes online. This makes an in-person mediation session unnecessary. Meetings are conducted by video or teleconference. All forms of document submission are facilitated through separate private e-mail communication. 

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Sharing of Private Information:

Financial information can be and is shared separately, outside of the conference platform.  A mediator can explain exactly the documents needed to be exchanged between the parties/spouses themselves prior to the virtual session, and documents that may be needed for the mediator to extract essential information.

What we need to protect our privacy during the online mediation process:

Private internet access is the most important tool needed to ensure the privacy of the discussions. Some of the platforms available for use are Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom to name a few.  CT Mediation uses Microsoft Teams due to recent privacy issues with Zoom. 

The Convenience of online mediation has afforded numerous couples the opportunity to resolve their issues and finalize the divorce process virtually.  Parties can choose times that work best for everyone and are able to conference in from anywhere. Some spouses reside in different states, some can not or do not want to be in the same room, some are unable to travel, or just prefer the comfort of their own home or office, so online mediation can be an effective solution for divorce mediations.

Proof of success – data-driven, evidence base success rate in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR); Virtual Mediation (VM):

Online mediation preference statistics

For the vast majority of people in the United States, disagreements or disputes wind up in lawsuits and courts that everyone realizes takes a lot of time and money. Although mediation has existed for centuries, it is now becoming more mainstream. For more information, read our Mediation FAQs here.

Simply put, mediation is an effective way of resolving differences privately, without the need to enter a courtroom.

CT Mediation Center uses Microsoft Teams as it’s virtual, online mediation.

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Why Choose CT Mediation Center for Divorce Mediation?

CT Mediation Center is the premier divorce mediation law firm in Connecticut. We focus only on amicable, peaceful divorces. Our attorneys and mediators work with couples who are committed to approaching the end of their marriage with integrity and reason; people who would rather spend their energy and resources working constructively to resolve their differences rather than “winning the fight.”

Our attorneys practice mediated divorce because we’ve seen how destructive litigated divorce can be to spouses and especially children. Even though we are experts in mediation, we participate in ongoing training in mediation techniques. Both patient and tireless, we employ a full toolbox of mediation and negotiation skills and remain firmly committed to helping families in transition reach comprehensive, sustainable and fair divorce agreements.

The lawyers at CT Mediation Center have successfully mediated hundreds of divorce cases many of which include complex financial matters, division of business assets, and high net worth cases.   We handle the entire divorce process from filing the paperwork, negotiations, writing the separation agreement and present the agreements to the Court.

While our main office is in Glastonbury, we also have satellite offices in Farmington, Enfield, and New London. Call (860)986-1141 or email today to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with one of our divorce mediation attorneys.

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