Yvonne M. Shoff, Esq

Senior Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Attorney Yvonne M. Shoff has a longstanding commitment to transitioning families through the process of divorce using skilled mediation and non-confrontational communications. She has dedicated her career to the practice of divorce and family law and specializes in parenting plans. Attorney Shoff is a professional mediator with certifications from Moore Resolutions through University of Connecticut School of Law and earned a divorce mediation certificate through Mediation Matters. She successfully completed Collaborative and Advanced Collaborative Divorce Training with the Vancouver Group sponsored by the CT Council for Divorce Mediation.
Attorney Shoff served as a family law clerk for the Superior Court of Bridgeport. Since 2006, she has been a solo practitioner in the field of family law, divorce mediation and collaborative law. She graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law with a J.D. in 1997 where she served as President and Founder of the Family Law Society. Currently, she serves as a coach and judge to students participating in ABA Competitions in the fields of Mediation in an Advocacy Setting and Negotiation.

Attorney Shoff was admitted to the Connecticut Bar in November of 1997 and is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association. She is admitted as a practicing attorney to all Judicial Districts in the State Of Connecticut.