Leah A. Fosse

Leah Fosse joined CT Mediation Center May of 2019. Leah has over a decade of experience working as a court and systems advocate and has held various positions in which she has utilized her strong interpersonal, organizational, analytic and leadership skills. She graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy for her undergraduate education. She received her graduate degree from Central Connecticut State University as well, graduating in 2015 with a master’s degree in Professional Counseling Mental Health and Rehabilitation with academic honors.

In addition to her position as a mediator, Leah also works as Family Relations Counselor for the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut. This provides her with important insight, particularly in regards to the psychology of family relations as it pertains to divorce. Since 2015, Leah has been working in the Court System, helping various families through the difficulties of divorce. Her profession as a Family Relations Counselor has also provided her with the intensive training needed to become a Court mediator; negotiating with different families in order to assist them in facilitating agreements in Family Court.

Leah has also held various positions that have provided her with the vital experience necessary to skillfully understand the psychological complexities of human relations. These include work as a vocational counselor at the Institute of Living, a mental health counselor at the Wheeler Clinic, a crisis counselor at Bristol Hospital, and a Coordinator of Prevention and Education
Family Violence Intervention Advocate at the Prudence Crandall Center. Her professional background informs her nuanced, fair, and thoughtful approach to the mediation process.

Leah is proficient as a mediator regarding custody, parenting plans, child support, and completing financial division in order to provide full separation agreements. She is dedicated to her career as well as her family, as she is the proud mother of three children.

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