Alexandra L. Cipolla, MS. CDFA

Senior Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Parenting Coordinator

Alexandra Cipolla joined CT Mediation Center in November 2019. She divides her time most equitably between being a mother and her love for her family and her passion for mediation and keeping families out of the adversarial court system.

Alexandra was born and raised in Connecticut; graduating from Central Connecticut State University for both undergraduate and graduate school. In 2015, Alexandra received her master’s degree in Criminal Justice. For over the past decade, Alexandra has dedicated herself to the court system for both Criminal and Family Matters.

In 2014, while finishing her graduate degree, Alexandra accepted a position as a Family Relations Counselor and Mediator for the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut. Her new professional endeavor provided her with the intensive training needed to become a Court mediator; negotiating with different families in order to assist them in facilitating agreements in Family Court. Alexandra is proficient as a mediator regarding custody, parenting plans, child support, and completing financial division in order to provide full separation agreements and post-judgment agreements to the Court.

In addition to mediation, Alexandra also performed evaluations for the Courts when families needed assistance determining what factors were in the children’s best interest. Having done countless evaluations, that included interviewing all pertinent family members, including children, receiving collateral information from outside professionals working with the families, conducting home visits, and speaking to all familial references, Alexandra was able to provide to the families and the Courts important final recommendations. Alexandra earned her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ® (CDFA) certificate through the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts in April of 2021.

Alexandra’s professional and educational background has afforded her the ability to work with families from all different backgrounds, upbringings, and experiences. Through her diverse experience, she realizes that each family has its own specific and individual needs. Alexandra pays attention to detail, so that each family may exit their family and Court matters with resolution and understanding of how the family is going to proceed given their new circumstances.